A Trip Inside My Mind Part 1: Donkey Kong

For a while now I've contemplated writing an article about why certain game series have stuck with me over the years, and what they really mean to me. Then I got thinking about the list of games that are truly important that I would want to spotlight. There's a lot of games on that list. So many, in fact, I have decided to change the format of this article. If I was to write the article as it orig...

Infendo Presents: The History of Nintendo – Part 7 Nintendo Advanced

Welcome to the Infendo Presents: The History of Nintendo! Join us as we chronicle Nintendo from their humble hanafuda beginnings, to the dominance of the Wii and DS and beyond! To this point in Nintendo’s history, it could be said that the company had reached its lowest point in its long existence. Nintendo still managed to stay profitable with the Nintendo 64, but the company had begun to l...

This isnt Nintendos first rodeo: Retrospective of Nintendo Online

The Wii U launch is nearing folks, and even though we know a ton about the console, there are still plenty of question marks, namely the way users will connect with each other online. Surprisingly, Nintendo has been taking their consoles online since 1995, far sooner than either Microsoft or Sony had even thought about making a gaming console. Click on through to take a tour of Nintendo’s fo...

Ambassadors: Are You Still Enjoying Your Free Games?

It’s been a number of months since the last Ambassador games arrived on the 3DS for us early adopters. I have to admit, I haven’t spent too much time with many of these games so far. However, I’ve really started to get into the original Metroid on the NES. It’s extremely difficult and I get lost a whole lot, but I can’t stop thinking about it. WarioWare is also excell...

Ambassadors, your GBA games have arrived!

The release began yesterday in Australia and Japan, and continued this morning in Europe and North America; the ten free GBA games for 3DS Ambassadors are now available! If you bought a 3DS and connected to the eShop before the system price drop on August 12 of 2011, the following games are yours as a thank you from Nintendo: Yoshi’s Island, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Metroid Fusio...

Nintentunes can’t get enough Skyward Sword, so it’s an all Zelda edition!

Today I finished what may be one of the finest Zelda adventures yet in Skyward Sword, and to celebrate this edition of Nintentunes is all Zelda, all the time! This time we will travel through the handheld versions of the Zelda franchise which contain fantastic music in their own right. For all those playing Skyward Sword, how do you think the music in the Wii adventure holds up?

God of Golf games: Mario Golf Advance Tour

[youtube][/youtube] Not only is Advance Tour’s core gameplay the best game of golf, the story mode is all sorts of RPG awesome. It’s also the epitome of “just one more time” when attempting level up challenges. I can’t put this game down. If you haven’t already, get that.

Nintentunes: T-shirt giveaway edition

[youtube][/youtube] Welcome to another edition of Nintentunes! This week we will be giving away three t-shirts to three lucky Infendo readers with the help of two cats and a girlfriend. Thank you all for participating in the contest, the winners can be found in the above video. Thank you to Threadless for providing the t-shirts for the giveaway! Winners sh...

Best gameplay description ever?

[youtube][/youtube] As part of my summer-long quest to relive classic Game Boy games, I bought Final Fight One recently. Good game, as expected. What’s better is the game’s listed gameplay features. Whoever wrote these deserves a gold star. 

Celebrate Game Boy Advance’s 10th birthday today with these 10 games

Ten years ago to the day, Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance. Slightly more powerful than a Super Nintendo, the handheld was and still remains the epitome of sprite-based gaming. It’s awesome, even in a post Wii, DS, Xbox, and PS3 world. To commemorate, Nintendo Power this month named what they believe to be the system’s 10 best games, as follows: 

My GBA recase is better than yours

My backlit GBA used to be babysitter blue. But thanks to a tip from Infendo reader richufc, it’s now jet black with all new buttons. The skinny: I bought what is seemingly an official replacement case from Hong Kong for dirt cheap: $4.30 with shipping. Bought a couple of drivers for $5 more smackers. Then followed doginmylense’s wonderful tutorial for navigating the more trickier par...

Poll – First Nintendo handheld that you owned?

Sounds like a lot of you have been very enthusiastic about the 3DS, but we’re curious … {democracy:140}