Best gameplay description ever?


As part of my summer-long quest to relive classic Game Boy games, I bought Final Fight One recently. Good game, as expected.

What’s better is the game’s listed gameplay features. Whoever wrote these deserves a gold star. 

They are as follows:

  • Deadly weapons
  • tough boss characters
  • awesome graphics
  • arcade-style gameplay
  • two-player action

I especially like “tough boss characters and awesome graphics” for their qualitative value.


  1. But it can’t make donuts. :[

  2. Gotta remember, this was when gaming journalism didn’t exist and no one knew what was good. You headed to your local shop and picked out the best cover art and features. It was more of an ad than a glimpse of the game.

    Tetris doesn’t have tough boss characters. This game does.

  3. @monkat

    You, sir, are an idiot. And by that, I mean myself.

    Sorry, guys! I was reading this on my phone, where I can’t see the video…and hearing classic GameBoy, I assumed it was a GB game. Alas, it was a GBA game.

  4. Agreed. “Classic” should refer to regular GB games rather than GBA.

  5. looks cool, but I almost had a seizure trying to read the text