Better than the real thing

Just some awesome Samus fan art to start the morning off right. I’ve heard this particular picture might be a bit “old” by Internet standards, but I really don’t care. Samus, and the Metroid series for that matter, are ageless. [via Kotaku]


  1. Curious….. but how does all that hair fit under that form-fitting helmet?

  2. @Kale: I was thinking the exact same thing! But then I suspended my disbelief and all was right again.

  3. Beautiful work! Very ‘Evangelion’ with the suit design.

  4. We’re talking about Samus here. How does she fit her entire BODY into a tiny morph ball that makes her magically smaller? Her hair is the least of her worries. She probably puts it in a morph bun. :]

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