Confirmed: No Online for Metroid Prime 3


mp3c.jpgIn an interview with GamePro, it was confirmed that Metroid Prime 3 will not have online gameplay.  This will definitely disappoint many fans of the series who were looking forward to some real FPS online multiplayer action for their Wii.

So, despite this bummer, we ask:


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  1. why would the ds metroid prime have online multiplayer and not the wii version it makes no sence

  2. how about a third choice, “not as excited for it as i was 10 seconds ago”?

  3. Thank GOD!!!!!

  4. While this news is not the end of the world , some form of online Wi-fi SHOULD have been included. A co-op mode, a team mode, training mode… something.
    This game could revolutionise FP games, but without any online aspect, it may fall short for many fans. Afterall, online multiplayer is a STAPLE of FP games.

    I am looking forward to the game and its new controls, but I am also disappointed to learn of absolutely no wi-fi in any form in MP3.

    Wake up Nintendo. This IS one of the Big 3…right?

  5. I don’t care how popular the Wii is. Nintendo gets a collective slap in the face for being stupid. Just because Metroid isn’t Halo doesn’t mean it shouldn’t try to compete on every level. I’m with bbelt.

  6. I love Metroid and am still eagerly anticipating this game. While the decision to not include online play was possibly made in order to release the game on time, this seems to just follow Nintendo’s tradition of avoiding good online features all together, or implementing inferior, half-baked ideas (*cough* friend codes *cough*). Oh well, I’ve never been much of an online gamer anyway, and Metroid Prime 3 will still be one of the best games of the year.

  7. Bah!! What crummy news!

    Now I’m not as excited about Metroid for the Wii since the game wont have the online aspect.

    All these months of anticipation of a possible online Metroid game, washed down the (series of) tubes. Bah I say! Bah!!

  8. good

  9. The problem is there are no decent alternative FPSs on the horizon for Wii (thanks a lot all you 3rd party bastards), but any sort of multiplayer doesn’t really work in the Metroid Universe. It’s about loneliness, not bombastic swearing at your ‘bud’. The weapons are Boss oriented energy beams designed to wear the enemy down, not for a 20 second life between frags. The atmosphere is about eerie alien environments, not blood stained war trenches.

    What are we to do?

  10. Oh this pool needed a third option.

    ” LESS excited now that you know this news”

    I am still excited, but LESS.

  11. Ugh… *goes to cancel preorder*

    I was really looking forward to online for this game. I am now willing to wait to get the game while I save up for another game.

  12. Still excited, thought no telling how long Nintendo is gonna make us poor europeans wait for it. And they have said earlier that MPC3 would include aspects of WiiConnect24 for downloads of new maps and such.

  13. I would be curious to how much of the series those that are disappointed have had exposure to. Metroid was never about multiplayer. Period. Now I realize that series can change and grow, but I ask you, and search deep down in your heart – do you really feel that you lack enough multiplayer games in your life?

  14. I sold my Xbox 360 because I enjoyed playing the “4 player split-screen, guys trash talking and laughing in the same room experience” that the Wii has instead of the “Live” experience. The whole concept of the Wii is bringing people physically together, so I am glad to see that Nintendo is keeping with the Wii’s original intent.

  15. I am more interested in Retro focusing on the single-player aspect of Metroid Prime 3 anyway. I am sick and tired of everyone trying to compare the Prime series to Halo when they are so utterly and completely different. IMO the inclusion of a multiplayer mode in MP2 was just a fluffy afterthought which had nothing to do with the core Metroid experience, and Metroid Prime Hunters didn’t float my boat. If you want a Halo-esque experience, go play Halo. Metroid, like its iconic cousins Mario and Zelda, is and always has been about the golden single-player experience.

  16. it’s really too bad. Metroid may not be the right universe for online deathmatch, but then we really need an alternative. Red Steel 2?

  17. Good riddance, it doesn’t need multiplayer.

  18. weak


  20. I suspected it wouldn’t have online play, but I’m not disappointed at all. I’m just as excited now than I was when I first heard about the game, even more so.

  21. Multiplayer on the Wii is all about inebriation and intuitive minigames. Bravo for more focus on the core of the game.

  22. i was definitely going to buy this game not only for the great single player story but to blast my buddies in some online action. Honestly I love Metroid but now i don’t know if i’d buy it. i’ve played the other 2. besides new controls and stuff a real step forward for the series would have been multiplayer. and now since its not happening i think i’ll pass on this one.

  23. It’s sad to see Metroid fans turn away just because it doesn’t have multiplayer.

  24. I am not surprised by this and I feel this game doesn’t need online play. MP by design was never geared for that, hence the failed attempt the last time around. Nintendo will introduce online play to its great 1st party titles when it makes sence. its stupid to just include online play just because rather than if it make sense. Metroid Prime is a unique game that doesn’t worrent online play.

    Whats far more important to me is that MP3 is created to be the best it can be as a AAA single player game. I want to say “wow” by great game mechanics, sweet AI and mind blowing gameplay. That whats key to making a game AAA caliber. With all the graphics that 360 and PS3 have…. if great gameplay is over looked smooth graphics will mean nothing.

    I am very excited for MP3 and I hope they put their all into making it a great memorable experience. Great story, and deep immersive gameplay.

  25. @ KillerHeroes

    Can someone really be a Metroid fan if not having multiplayer broke it for them?

  26. Metroid Prime 3 has been quoted to “Revolutionize gaming.” Now, how can you do that with NO ONLINE?! Let’s think about this: Even if online wasn’t multiplayer–how about downloadable levels or weapons? Perhaps an online patch in the future? Nope, no online at all means no downloadable content.

    *Slaps Nintendo and Retro Studios for pure stupidity.*

  27. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  28. no online gameplay. there could still be online content

  29. They confirmed no online modes. That doesn’t preclude downloadable content of some sort. Though I don’t think that would work very well either.


    Did you seriously just say that? To paraphrase, did you just state as fact that it’s impossible to revolutionize gaming without online? Have you not been paying attention to Nintendo’s revolution in the industry? After all, it’s certainly nothing short of that. Wouldn’t that make the first Xbox the closest system to being revolutionary in the history of gaming? Or would that be the Dreamcast?

    I’m afraid Mario 64’s advances officially weren’t important, because it didn’t have online co-op. Grand Theft Auto is a worthless endevour because people on the street aren’t other gamers. Bomberman isn’t actually a game because multiplayer doesn’t work if it isn’t online. Pokemon was broken because you couldn’t get new downloadable pokemon online. I spit on Zelda Ocarina of Time, because it didn’t have downloadable sub-quests. I’d happily have paid $5 for a few new masks in Majora’s mask, but those damn idiots at Nintendo wouldn’t let me.


    Even if MP3 had online, how would that make it revolutionary? In fact it would make it derivative, because that’s the very first thing every FPS developer works towards. I think it should be obvious that any possible revolutionary aspects would be relating to interface and game design. NOT FUCKING DOWNLOADABLE SKINS (although that would be cool).

  30. I”m still excited for the game, but I have to admit that the lack of online multiplayer is pretty disapointing. And I’m sorry, but I laugh at the ones that are fiercely defending this, even to the point to suggest that having no online makes it BETTER. That’s just a complete joke. If you didn’t care about online, that’s fine, but to act like it’s some sort of setback TO have it….please.

    Nintendo could have made some big strides in turning around their joke of an online gaming strategy with this game, because I think it would have been a great experience.

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  32. DmNt = WrOnG

  33. @ResidentialEvil:

    Any time and resources Retro would have spent working on an online mode represent time and resources that could have been spent improving the single-player experience, which is indisputably the most important aspect of the Metroid series. Not to mention that the shallow multiplayer mode of MP2 left a bad taste in the mouths of many Metroid purists, and anything less than Xbox Live-level depth and matching (read: not going to happen with Nintendo’s Nazi friend code strategy) is sneered upon and laughed at by the gaming community, detracting from the image of the game as a whole.

    I agree that Nintendo’s online strategy is currently a joke. They dismissed it as a fad in the last generation and missed the boat in a big way as a result. They ate their words and now need to make up for their previous grave lack of foresight. As such, I think they need a game that is designed for multiplayer from the ground up to do so… and Metroid, a franchise that is DEFINED by solitary exploration, is IMHO not the game to bear that burden.

  34. I was expecting to be online, but that will not stop me from snatching this game off the shelves onces it hits the stores, MP3 will be RE4 great in quality, with superior, sound, graphics, lighting effects, larger world to explorer, etc…RE4 without online is still a MUST have game.

    To make it clear, I wasnt comparing RE4 with MP3 style game wise , its about quality, because when a game has quality ( story, graphics, gameplay and a great DOLBY pro logic II surround sound support ) its still successesful without online mode.

    Online is good for replay value only , once you beat the story mode, the online feature is what’s gonna keep you coming back for more .. I mean, its only a few more times that you will play story mode after you beat the game …..then whats next?. thats what I wanted online for.

  35. No surprise. Nintendo said time and time again it screwed up during the GC for its total lack of foresight in the online realm and how it would not repeat it for Revolution.

    Well, in the words of Peter Cook. “Yes I know all my mistakes, and I’m sure I could repeat them exactly”

    So far we’re coming up to a year from launch and no real online content apart from afew half assed bits here and there.

    Some people may not like playing online, but they are not the majority. Sure focus on the one player, but if Retro don’t have the ‘resources’ to devote to a decent online component, then where the hell is Nintendo putting them? This is one of their biggest franchises for gods sake, they should be going all out, not skimping on important features.

  36. The game is coming out in August – did anyone really expect to get news about an online infrastructure two months before release?

    I agree with the above posters, Metroid is a single player experience, and that would be lessened if resources were spent on an online game.

    Besides, it seems as if some people just want online for the sake of being online, without thinking about how it would actually fit into the game.

  37. Am I the only who remembers the shit multiplayer in MP2 that they confirmed they spent HALF of their development time on? Good, that’s sorted than (not to mention the wii remote making things even more difficult).

  38. They should make a Metroid Prime Hunters 2 for the Wii.

  39. “but any sort of multiplayer doesn’t really work in the Metroid Universe. It’s about loneliness, not bombastic swearing at your ‘bud’. The weapons are Boss oriented energy beams designed to wear the enemy down, not for a 20 second life between frags. The atmosphere is about eerie alien environments, not blood stained war trenches”

    That’s a good point right there, elmer. In this case I think it’s art over the cries of the community. Does anyone remember the original Metroid? How you were just thrown into this huge world all by yourself? Do you remember the music? Everything about this game screams isolation. And that’s a good thing. It gives the game some character that it would have otherwise lacked if it was “just another FPS.” People need to stop comparing this to Halo or any of the upteen WW2 games out there. This is not a trench battle, its a surgical strike of one: Samus.

  40. I agree with most of you that Metroid is a single-player experience, and with the game announced for August, I wasn’t expecting multiplayer fragging at all… I want Metroid Prime 3 to experience what would be like to play a FPS with the Wii controller setup.

    Having said that, I still maintain that the lack of online multiplayer modes in any current or soon-to-be-released title, not even an announced title, is highly suspicious… Is it possible that the Wii hardware or Nintendo’s Wi-Fi network is just simply not suited for live online play, and they just don’t want to reveal it??

  41. I’ll have to agree with Mr. Kochalka on this one. Metroid Prime Hunters 2 could be an awesome online multiplayer focused title, rather than a lumped on multi-mode for what could be a startlingly wonderful single player FPS.

  42. James from BritPod is so wrong, online gamers are still the minority on consoles.
    look at poor 360 sales (they had to lower sales expectations by a few million and their online subscriptions arent even above 60% and we dont even know how much of that is gold or silver), compared to the ps2 and wii at least, and offline games still sell alot.

    MP3 not having online doesnt disappoint metroid fans, it disappoints fps fans.

    for we that have grown up with metroid we want the best single player experience.
    mph is not an example of where metroid should go because i keep hearing how the single player did not live up to the others in the series. metroid is all about the single player. if they want to do online play, they need a game set aside just for that, which was basically mph.

    and nintendo isnt the type to compete with others, and i love that about them. they have a goal and they go for it 100% not influanced by others. thats how it should be. its what sets them apart. if you dont like how they do things why do you keep playing their games? if you like to complain because you cant be happy with what you get, then go into politics. not having online is not like bad framerate, glitches, or bad controls. its not game breaking, and not worth such complaining.

    also, i dont get this new interest in playing the same game for months. not having such high replay value may be a great positive to the game.

    think of it this way, i love a variety of games, so theres at least 1-2 games coming out most months that i want to play, more during the holidays. i cant even keep up with them now, so i have to be picky. i want to play a great single player experience, then move on to the next great game. maybe have a game on the side that i play over time, like smash bros or rts 🙂 but honestly, its great that some of yall have so much time on your hands that you need every game to have such long replay value, but to us other gamers, we just want to enjoy ourselves, maybe have some side quests, a good 20-40 hour game, then move on.

  43. “Sure focus on the one player, but if Retro don’t have the ‘resources’ to devote to a decent online component, then where the hell is Nintendo putting them?”

    Heck if I know, but if you read the article, that is exactly Retro’s explanation — not enough resources. And I hadn’t even read the article when I came to that conclusion.


    “GamePro: Will Metroid Prime 3 have any online modes?

    Michael Kelbeugh:: No. It’s something we talked about early on, but we only have so many resources. We opted to devote those resources to making a better single-player experience.”

    So that settles that. I will take a solid single player experience over a “meh” single player game plus an “acceptable” (or not, given MP2’s track record) multiplayer mode.

  44. nintendo doesnt seem to agree that metroid is a 1 player experience, seeing as they released a ds game that was basically all multiplayer.

  45. @ deepthoughts

    you are retarded. just because Nintendo tried to make one game, out of a series of games, multi-player doesn’t mean that it isn’t a single player experience. notice that it’s attempt was on a portable system when you’d be sitting next to your stupid little brother who wants to play with you on a long drive. the idea of multi-players for metroid doesn’t make much sense. you’re a bounty hunter when was the last time you’d want to split your bounty? when was the last time you saw bubba fett working with anyone? (i know some moron is going to mention jengo fett from the bounty hunter game, but his help was from supporting cast to move the plot along. in fact he was against another leading bounty hunter to become the imperial clones)

  46. I got Mph for the ds at christmas, since then i have played the wifi multiplayer most of the time on the game, I was thinking of getting mp3 on the wii because of the online fun on the ds, but although there will be no online mode is it worth getting, i didn’t have Mp1 and 2 on gamecube.

  47. @ Vinny:

    Metroid Prime 3 looks to be following the outstanding tradition set by its predecessors on the GameCube, and is improving the formula even more with the addition of intuitive controls with the Wii remote and nunchuk. Therefore I believe it will absolutely be worth getting.

    By the way, if you haven’t played Metroid Prime 1 and 2, you’re missing out on two of the best gems of the GameCube — and arguably THE best. Metroid Prime has an average score of 96% at and Metroid Prime 2 has 92%. These scores are well-deserved as they are beautiful, challenging, innovative and thoroughly well-designed games.

    But if you still want to know more, take a look at some of the glowing reviews and decide for yourself:

  48. Maybe I lived on another planet all this time, but wasn’t one of the PRIME reasons MP3 got pushed beyond the Wii launch to do more work on the online aspect? And now, almost a year later, there isn’t going to be online. I don’t give a damn about the online aspect, but then save the drama for yo mama and just release the game already!

  49. I’m a bit late to this party but I said “No” because I stopped liking Metroid when it became a FPS.

    Big fan of the old games and the GBA ones – but I don’t like FPSes – but I’m possibly a small minority in that regards.

  50. @ Vinny

    Certainly do try MP1 (I only had MP2 a week before my brother lost it somewhere). It’s a truly thrilling and rewarding experience with atmosphere like nothing else I’ve tried. I would say it’s certainly an entirely different beast to the single player MP:Hunters experience (and different to every other FPS) but I think the chances of most gamers who give it a chance disliking the game are remote. I have no doubts whatsoever that MP3 will be excellent after what Retro achieved.

  51. thanks ill try it

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