The release you’ve been waiting for…

runsamusrun.gifI know a lot of people felt sore that us Wii owners here in Japan got Super Smash Bros. Brawl a little bit early, but I thought it’d make you all feel better to let you know that Metroid Prime 3 Corruption just hit Japan a few days back. That’s right, a 6 month delay! And what did they spend all that time doing? Adding online play? Nope. How about Japanese voice-overs? Nah- it’s subtitled! Most likely the game’s under-the radar (and very very late release) have to do with its going quite contrary to Nintendo’s extremely family oriented marketing campaign for the Wii in Japan (with heavy promotions for Wii Fit, Daily Knowledge Training, and other games you can play with your grandparents).
With so many games geared towards family and away from nuking aliens, it’s hard to see if there’s enough of a hard-core Wii crowd left in Japan to support this title. I wouldn’t have been too surprised to see the Japanese release cancelled where it not a 1st party staple. Then again, maybe Nintendo just wanted to warm gamers up with a month of Brawl before releasing a more involved action game.

Thanks to The Shuyguy Kingdom for the sprites that I used for the little animation!