Wired: “Buy Super Metroid, Jerks”

super_metroid_ingame.pngWired’s Chris Kohler likes Super Metroid. A lot. Strangely, him and I are sort of in the same boat. I’ve never played Super Metroid but absolutely love Metroid: Zero Mission. Behold the persuasion:

Virtual Console’s winning streak hits six weeks with the release of Super Metroid, aka One Of The Best Games Ever. I actually was late to the party on this one. I’d played Metroid and didn’t like it. Then I tried Metroid II and, uh, didn’t really like it. So I assumed that Super Metroid, when it came out, was just more of the same. It was only after playing Metroid Fusion in 2002… that I realized: “Wait a second, you mean there’s a game on the SNES just like this, but way awesomer?”

I’m buying this game today, but I’m screwed for time. This, BioShock, Metroid Prime 3 next week. And I want to get my mitts on Brain Age 2. Gamers are so screwed this fall…