Metroid Prime 3 ‘Dread’ reference a ‘coincidence’


2d Metroid pipe dreamLovers of a Metroid 2D revival were hit with a setback today as a reference first pointed out by IGN’s Matt Casamassina was squelched in an MTV interview with Retro.

MTV: What’s the story behind the apparent reference in “Metroid Prime 3? to “Metroid Dread,” the rumored but never-confirmed 2D game some fans hope is being made at Nintendo?

Pacini: “It’s not what you think it means… it as something that was overlooked and wasn’t in any way indicating anything about the handheld game. We know no information about the handheld games.

MTV: Are you suggesting that you got in trouble or something?

Pacini: Not at all. We actually had a fictional element of something else in the game that by a large coincidence could be read that we were giving a hint about “Metroid Dread” which was not the case. It’s a complete and utter coincidence.

And I am even more in the dark than I was before. Personally, I’m in love with the idea of a massive, immersing and wonderfully complex 2D Metroid on my DS. Make the graphics pop and give me an interactive map on the touch screen. Go to town. For now, though, I guess I’ll have to strum out the theme on my shiny new copy of Jam Sessions. Metroid Jam sesh, for the win.

[Hat tip Aeropause]