Comment of the week: Why we buy Nintendo

“We buy Nintendo portables and consoles because it’s the only way to play Nintendo-made games. After that, we welcome third party developers that make an effort.”’EdEN


  1. agreed.

  2. In other words, Nintendo is a software company and is showing they don’t understand the current hardware/ecosystem market.

  3. Zacko, how can Nintendo be solely a software company when they’ve released 5 main home consoles and about 4 handheld devices, ushering in several major innovations in video game hardware? And how can they not understand the current market when they consistently outsell the competition with healthy margins?

  4. yes, that’s why we buy Nintendo consoles and portables, but that’s not the only reason off course, but its the major reason.

    @ who says that Nintendo isn’t a hardware company, you are completely wrong, I mean Nintendo from the 80s is making the great hardware to express great gaming from the 4 players system to the Z button.

  5. I buy nintendo cuz i feel they truly care for gaming as art, they care how the player feels playing thier games, Im a nintendo only person, i cant get into sony & microsoft games

  6. because I have always played on nintendo systems. Its the only place I can get Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

  7. Really don’t get what Zacko is saying. As it has been commented, Nintendo has released a LOT of hardware since the NES AND they’re #1 in both the home and portable side of gaming so my guess is that they get us… A LOT.

    The DS still has another great year+ of great releases (but if Ni No Kuni gets ported to the 3DS and I can see the animation and game in 3D I won’t really complain) and the Wii probably won’t get a successor announced until E3 2012 at the earliest for a 2013 release so I’m set for a while with all the games in my backlog along with whatever I add along the way.

  8. After the way Nintendo treated us with the Wii (their “gamers will play whatever we tell them to play” attitude) I won’t be buying a Nintendo console again. The Wii has been nothing but a slap in the face from Nintendo to the hard core gamers IMO. Let them have all the casual gamer grannies they want, they won’t be getting any more of my money.

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