Comment of the Week

Comment of the week: Why we buy Nintendo

“We buy Nintendo portables and consoles because it’s the only way to play Nintendo-made games. After that, we welcome third party developers that make an effort.”’EdEN

Comment of the week is short and sweet

“Nintendo doesn’t do brown. Thank heavens.”’raindog469

Comment of the Week: Where’s Malstrom?; DS love

Gametaku raises some good points today, so he/she gets comment of the week! Where’s Malstrom? I originally joined the site after reading a few of his great expositions. Aren’t we overdue for another one? And what are his and sites current views on the DS? Obviously video game companies read this site and even espond to some of its’ articles. How abot calling out all of the Lumine...

Comment of the Week: Video game industry cynicism

When we reported on how the video game industry outpaced both movies and music in 2007, one reader had a very informed, very spot on observation to make. Jeff, take it away with the Infendo Comment of the Week: I certainly hope they credit Wii and DS alone for this growth. The growth rates of both the 360 hardware and the PS3 combined don’t even match the PS2’s, while the Wii is beatin...

Comment Of The Week – Kale on BioShock vs Metroid Prime 3

Infendo reader Kale wins the coveted Comment Of The Week award, with his comparison of BioShock and Metroid Prime 3. Last night, I played both Bioshock on the 360 and Prime 3 on the Wii. I played Bioshock for about 2 hours… It was okay (definitely not a perfect 10 game, Game Informer”¦.), but suffers some serious art direction issues, janky animations, and none of the voices seem to match th...

Infendo Comment of the Week

This week’s Infendo Comment of the Week comes from rokerovakero who had this to say about his favorite DS Wi-Fi Connections games: I play them every couple days. I probably kicked so much international ass my boots smell like an airport bathroom. The smell of victory. Congrats, rokerovakero, you’ve got bragging rights until the next edition of the Infendo Comment of the Week!