Comment of the Week: Where’s Malstrom?; DS love

Gametaku raises some good points today, so he/she gets comment of the week!

Where’s Malstrom? I originally joined the site after reading a few of his great expositions. Aren’t we overdue for another one? And what are his and sites current views on the DS? Obviously video game companies read this site and even espond to some of its’ articles. How abot calling out all of the Lumines sequels and the lack of true an online enabled Meteos (none of that Disney crap) for the DS? Why havn’t we’ve seen an adaptation of that wonderful game for the Wii? Mabe it’ll come via wiiware and allow for custom planet uilding and online Wii Play (I had to do that).

Meteos was seriously the game that made the DS click for me many years ago. It was fun, quirky, and used the stylus wonderfully — but I would have loved to have been able to play my DS-owning friends. As for Malstrom, he’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle blanketed in a limerick. Your guess is as good as mine!