Nintendo, done in the Biblical sense

225_four_horsemen.jpgIf you don’t read Sean Malstrom, you should. If that makes me sound like his official cheerleader, then so be it.

On his homepage today, Malstrom juxtaposes the Book of Revelations and four key Nintendo executives. The results are humorous, telling, and 100% enjoyable to read.

Come and see, the voice said to me. I looked up, honked my trumpet again, and lo! Come and see! said the voice again, for another horseman approached. This horse was all black, the rider could barely be seen, and he held scales.

Reggie laughed and said, “I am the Horseman of Disruption,” and he used the scales on the market that showed where the profit is and where the sales were.

He’s been doing a run-up to the launch of Wii Fit, which, for all intents and purposes, will disrupt gaming almost as much as the console it was built for.