Video games are unstoppable

Now, you could make fun of the new partnership between Nintendo and sports retailer Sports Authority, but by doing so you’d be completely missing the point. Best just keep that ignorance quiet for now.

Random Saturday – Are you down with Wii Fit?

This is random Saturday where we present you with a random picture and your goal is to give it a funny caption or title. So would you kindly give this picture a caption? Find out what last weeks title was after the break.

Real testosterone out muscles poseurs as Wii Fit approaches #2 game of the decade

Halo, GTA and other kill them before they kill you fare may boast an aggressive, testosterone-laden affair, but in reality the experience is skin deep. Real men and women play Wii Fit, it seems, and the sales confirm that in spades.

E3: Your Shape camera counts calories, sees you faking those pushups

Looking for the new trend in video game technology? Look at cameras.  Nintendo’s latest hand held revision, the DSi, has a camera.  Microsoft hopes to change the industry with it’s 3D motion tracking “Natal” camera for the Xbox 360 – and fitness games? You guessed it: Camera. According to Ubisoft, the fitness game market has seen more growth in the past year than an...

jOG – pedometer dependent gaming is here!

So, do you love running in place? Great, have I got the product for you! Presenting  jOG for the Nintendo Wii.  This little device goes somewhere between the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and makes sure that the player character only moves when the player does.    The designers hope this will provide an athletic and immersive gaming experience. Honestly though? It looks like a pedometer that keeps ...

Rumor: Wii Fit “Plus” Sequel in Fall, Wii Sports Resort and Motion Plus on the way in Summer

GoNintendo is reporting rumored release dates on Wii Motion Plus, Wii Sports Resort, and something called “Wii Fit Plus” for July and November, respectively.  The tip comes by way of GoNintendo reader Maxemillian_X, who snapped a covert shot of an upcoming release list in an Amsterdam game shop.  We already knew Motion Plus and Wii Sports Resort was on it’s way – and July...

MadCatz makes mad money thanks to Wii Fit, Rock Band

Landfills that don’t even exist yet were all hot and bothered this morning following the impressive sales data out of gaming accessory manufacterer MadCatz. The company ended the quarter down slightly, but was still heavy on cash, thanks in part to Wii Fit accessories that have without a doubt offered their new owners minutes of exercise help before being shoved beneath the TV stand. Rock Ba...

Evergreen gaming, defined

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, depending on what you know about Nintendo strategy these days, Wii Fit exploded last week to the tune of 300,000 units sold. Failed New Year’s resolutions waiting to happen? Gift card bonanza? As far as Nintendo is concerned, they could care less as long as this thing (and the rest of its software) continues to defy the traditional video game sales model.

Amazon’s top holiday sellers are all about Nintendo, electronics

There are really no surprises in the top 10 holiday sales list over at Amazon today, so its publication does little more than twist the knife and salt the wounds of the trailing (and increasingly similar) competition. This, of course, is why I’m posting it today: Amazon said best-selling holiday items this year included the Samsung 52-inch HDTV, the Apple iPod, the Acer netbook computer and ...

Sign up for a Cellphone Contract get a Wii

So apparently in Germany obtaining a Nintnendo Wii or a copy of Wii Fit is as easy as singing up for a 2 year cell phone contract. Now most of us would be very weary of deals like this, waiting for the catch as to why you would get a system for free. Well the deal here is that you would get a pre-owned refurbished old cellphone instead of getting brand new ones. So if you don’t mind getting ...

WiiFit video on Current TV

Current TV is now showing this clip about WiiFit. Is it funny? You be the judge. [Thanks to Kai from Current TV for sending this in!]

Boss pays for employee’s WiiFit

If you can even get your hands on one, Red Mozzie may have come up with a way to get a WiiFit on the cheap: [My] office has a health and fitness policy, which allows employees to claim an allowance of $150 per year for fitness-related equipment or services: sports clothes, gym memberships, that sort of thing. Well, I submitted my form to apply for a reimbursement for Wii Fit. And it came through n...