Boss pays for employee’s WiiFit

Wii Fit Balance BoardIf you can even get your hands on one, Red Mozzie may have come up with a way to get a WiiFit on the cheap:

[My] office has a health and fitness policy, which allows employees to claim an allowance of $150 per year for fitness-related equipment or services: sports clothes, gym memberships, that sort of thing. Well, I submitted my form to apply for a reimbursement for Wii Fit. And it came through no problems …

I know the Infendo health plan only covers a swift kick in the butt from Blake, but this seems fairly legit as a piece of exercise equipment.  Do you think you could get away with this at work?


  1. Heh that’s pretty awesome. I’m wondering if his boss actually looked at the approval form or just approved it without looking. It’d be funny to see a followup story that the guy is battling the insurance companies in a case of insurance fraud.

  2. Click through and read the post, Craig.

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