Mario Strikers Charged goes online, and then some

225_mariostrikeyosh.jpgOk, Ok, Super Mario Strikers is already out in the Europe this week. I get it. But did you know its online component was adopted en masse faster than the German language was by France during World War 2? (a tasteless surrender joke, I know, I know)

The Tanooki tells it like it is:

For the week ending May 27 (yesterday), online activity for Nintendo WFC games was as follows:

1. Pok̩mon Diamond Р1,460,474 connections
2. Pok̩mon Pearl Р1,007,074 connections
3. Mario Strikers Charged Football – 399,569 connections
4. Animal Crossing: Wild World – 360,855 connections
5. Mario Kart DS – 294,993 connections
6. Metroid Prime Hunters – 201,480 connections
7. Jump! Ultimate Stars – 128,872 connections
8. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker – 108,299 connections
9. Tetris DS – 71,347 connections
10. Pok̩mon Battle Revolution Р51,781 connections

Um. Wow. I’d say Pokemon titles taking the top spots are a wash, so I’m giving the crown to Strikers this week.