Nintendo president Iwata shoots down Wii MMO rumors

Animal Crossing MMOGuitar playing canines around the world went silent today as news from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata all but confirmed the company had no plans to pursue MMO games for the Wii.

However, Iwata also said Nintendo would pursue MMO development only if the title could appeal to people of all ages, from “5 to 95,” just like a Christmas song. I’ll chalk his comments up in the “maybe sorta but not really” column.

A “game” like Second Life might spring to mind at this point, but the Nintendo chief dismissed a similar venture on a Nintendo platform out of hand. Basically, Iwata believes that “MMOs aren’t accessible to people without a fair degree of computer literacy, and that Nintendo would want to successfully cross that bridge before considering going the MMO route (Joystiq).”

I’m inclined to agree, but then again that’s probably due to the fact that I consider MMO and their vile MMORPG cousins massive wastes of time, life and money. You guys out there may feel differently. Leave your thoughts on Nintendo’s anti-MMO stance in the comments.