Capcom on Wii downloadable games

Capcom and the WiiGamasutra sat down with Christian Svensson, Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Research for Capcom recently, and had a wide-ranging interview about Capcom’s future. A few of the questions actually gave some insight into Nintendo’s future, however, especially in the gray, hazy area that is downloadable games. Bottom line, Capcom says it’s still a go and very much possible, but Nintendo is being Nintendo and is holding its cards close to the vest, again.

But downloadable original content is possible? It’s been hinted that it’s possible, but it’s still not coming yet.

CS: It’s possible. I think you’ll have to talk more to Nintendo about that. It’s not a technical limitation thing, though. We’re certainly going to be able to deliver. It’s really more of them getting their process in place for approvals and their pipeline in place. I know they have loads of people who want to make content, but I think it’s a matter of some people turning on the spigot. We’ve been asked about bringing our stuff over. It’s going to happen. Once that spigot is opened and the floodgates are unleashed, I’m sure you’ll see loads of it.

Please, Nintendo, turn on the spigot.