Online or Wiimote — which is more important to gaming’s future?

Online vs. InnovationThe installed base numbers don’t quite agree with Peter Molyneux on this point, but he’s out there saying it anyway. Maybe he’s one of those 3rd party chaps who just doesn’t “get” the Wii yet. There’s still time, Peter. Start thinking outside of that box. Start looking at the facts. If Live was the driver you say it is, then 3rd party developers would be clamoring and shifting resources to develop online games. Xbox 360 numbers would be steadily increasing as more people started to realize what they’re missing by not having Live. They aren’t.

In an interview with gaming site Canaljuegos, Molyneux commented, “All I can say is that Microsoft is an incredibly smart company and I never fail to be impressed by just how clever they are. Don’t forget this is the company which pioneered [Xbox] Live which I believe will ultimately be far more impactful on video games in the long term than something like the Wii controller.”

No middling your responses on this one. No “that question is unfair and divisive.” Because it is. Regardless, I want to know which feature you think is more important to gaming, and why.