Mario Strikers Charged for Wii – more online details emerge

When Mario Strikers Charged was originally announced, it was revealed to have online play. We now have more details from the director of the title. From an article on The Wiire:

According to Mike Inglehart, Charged will feature three types of online matching: friendship, “regular” and regional. Friendship matching will allow players to compete against others whom they’ve swapped friends codes with. Regular matching randomly pairs players across the globe, while regional matching allows players to compete against others within a particular territory.

One online mode mentioned includes a “soccer season” type game in which players can win matches to earn points. Alongside granting the ability to earn achievements, the points will be recorded on an online scoreboard and correspond with a player’s Mii avatar for others to see.

I like watching soccer on TV, but never played the Strikers game for GameCube. The online modes for this game make me lean pretty heavily towards picking up this one.

Does it sound like Mario Strikers Charged will fulfill your online needs?

[Special thanks to Issyjan93 and Josh the Doughboy]


  1. im confused does that mean, you can play with a mii? I hope so.
    I doubt it though. im so ready for this one, online team battles, oh yeh! Nintendo as seen the light.

  2. I’m really interested to see how the controls work. I’m a huge fan of FIFA and I wonder what it would be like to port the Fifa series to the Wii. I know atleast one game uses the wii controller as an old-fashion one (no motion sensing…i think it was fire emblem), so i wonder if they’ll just do it like that.

    As far as the mii goes, I doubt it, since this is a mario game you’ll probably be playing with mario characters. Although i wonder if the mii’s will show up in the stands.

  3. I’m not sure if you guys noticed but the Everybody votes channel has part of this “online” enabled. It already does regional and global online (but in a much simpler form). So we’ve technically already gotten a taste of how it’s gonna work.

    It’s a relief to know that here in Mexico there’s quite a lot of Wii users (I can thank the vote channel for that info), so I know that regionally there’ll definitely be a lot of people to play against.

    Friend codes or not, I’m glad we can choose to play vs. random people from over the globe.

  4. Man your missing out. Strikers is an absolute riot. If you’re after a footy sim then steer clear but Strikers is hilarious. There’s nothing like watching your opponent run down the wing, halt him in his tracks with a bomb-omb and see him get launched into the air against the electric fence. Can’t wait for the Wii version!

  5. You know, this is the first thing I’ve seen about online play that will not *force* you to use friend codes. Friend codes are present, but not necessary. That’s bigger news to me than this individual game. I’ve seen the action at gametrailers and it does look like it’s going to be a blast, though.

  6. wish they would announce a US release date


  7. It’s football…..FOOTBALL.

  8. ChrisB, friend codes are NOT needed in most online-enabled games on DS… You can use them, but you don’t have to! It looks like the same will apply to this game, with the added bonus that it will use the Wii code, not an individual friend code.

    And yes, if this game turns out like the way Mike described it, Charged will fulfill my online needs! That, and Halo 3, of course…

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