Mario Strikers Charged for Wii – more online details emerge

When Mario Strikers Charged was originally announced, it was revealed to have online play. We now have more details from the director of the title. From an article on The Wiire:

According to Mike Inglehart, Charged will feature three types of online matching: friendship, “regular” and regional. Friendship matching will allow players to compete against others whom they’ve swapped friends codes with. Regular matching randomly pairs players across the globe, while regional matching allows players to compete against others within a particular territory.

One online mode mentioned includes a “soccer season” type game in which players can win matches to earn points. Alongside granting the ability to earn achievements, the points will be recorded on an online scoreboard and correspond with a player’s Mii avatar for others to see.

I like watching soccer on TV, but never played the Strikers game for GameCube. The online modes for this game make me lean pretty heavily towards picking up this one.

Does it sound like Mario Strikers Charged will fulfill your online needs?

[Special thanks to Issyjan93 and Josh the Doughboy]