Which original games will excel when sold via the Wii Shop Channel?

Wii Shop Channel GET!As we all already know Impossible Mission is going to drop sometime in the near future courtesy of the Wii Shop Channel. It’s a first for Nintendo, but not necessarily for an industry that has seen the likes of Xbox Live Arcade.

Since the debate and conversation on Infendo has been lively this week on a range of other topics, I thought I’d try and tap into that with a post about other original IP that will be shipped not via the retail channels, but completely online via the Wii Shop Channel.

What kinds of games do you want to see? Remakes? Old IP from obscure systems? What genre do you think will have the biggest impact when delivered to players this way? Note that last question is not what you’d *like” to see from a digital distribution channel, it’s what you think will perform best on a Nintendo system.