EA’s Zwerling: Lack of online in MySims Wii “more of a Nintendo issue than on our end”

Electronic Arts charmed Nintendo fans last year with MySims, a cute new Sims spin-off franchise focused on building and construction.

The problem? No online. The reason?

According to EA’s Erik Zwerling, MySims’ lack of online was “more of a Nintendo issue than on our end.”

As we’ve been reporting all week, Infendo visited EA Friday for a look at several upcoming Sims games, including a PC version of MySims.

Showed by Zwerling, the upcoming PC remake makes several notable improvements over the Wii version, including enhanced graphics, more content and the removal of frame rate stuttering. It also has online multiplayer for community minigames and creations, something that would’ve cured the loneliness of the otherwise enjoyable Wii game.

“Nintendo isn’t supporting the developers in that area enough,” said Zwerling. “So doing that isn’t viable at the moment.”

EA has not added online to MySims Kingdom, the upcoming kind-of-a-sequel to MySims scheduled to release on Wii next month. We’ll have an in-depth hands-on preview on Infendo tomorrow.

14 Responses to EA’s Zwerling: Lack of online in MySims Wii “more of a Nintendo issue than on our end”

  1. elmer says:

    Nintendo aren’t doing everything for us! Why aren’t they doing everything for us? Surely they need us. I mean, without us, they’d only hold what, a niche market? I mean in the old days the platform holders did everything for us right? Development was easy wasn’t it? All tools worked with everything else and we did loads of great business for Nintendo. After all we did for them they should be pandying to our every whim. I mean, Microsoft are obviously the pace setter as they have been for ages. Running your business any way other than theirs is simply ludicrous. Well Nintendo had better start playing by market rules if they want to do well in this business. I know, let’s bitch and moan about how they’re wrong and everything’s their fault and let them deal with it. Then everything will be better. Otherwise we can just take our successful business elsewhere.

    What? Everything I said was bullcrap you say? If we’ve got technical problems then we’ve got to solve them ourselves like a regular business? Development on Wii should be so cheap and relatively easy that spending half the money on Wii games should still leave over millions for solving technical challenges? Nintendo isn’t going to give support like the free apparently loss making support lagging Microsoft does, a company failing to reach old and new markets alike? There is no profitable business outside of Nintendo’s? Nintendo is single handedly making most of the industry’s profit? Nintendo’s profitably survived two generations without us (or anyone) to help them? We’ve been running a continuous loss for a year? We’ve actually supported a fully functional online FPS on Wii before? Well then, I think we’d better put up or shut up, right?

  2. ejamer says:

    Nintendo has done a lot of things right… but online isn’t one of them. Even some of the top-shelf first party games have botched online play, so it’s no surprise third parties aren’t doing better.

    At least we’re FINALLY going to have a voice chat option coming this holiday season. Hopefully that will be some support for it.

    Tsk tsk. Shame on you, Nintendo! 🙁

  3. ejamer says:


    Although some of what you said is true, some of the fault really does sit with Nintendo. They need to provide the right infrastructure and documentation/leadership if they want companies to offer online in their games — but Nintendo has been more restrictive and hesitant about online gaming than any of their competitors.

    Being conservative is sometimes a good thing, but I really did hope Nintendo would extend their boundaries a little bit with online Wii gaming. So far it’s been ok at best.

  4. Jamie says:

    What I don’t get is – Why can EA use their own servers for Medal of Honor, but when it comes to a less hardcore game, the online has to be Nintendo driven?

  5. bOB says:

    ^ I agree with Jamie

  6. deepthought says:

    who cares? only geeks and otaku care about this.

  7. Wii Wii says:

    “Nintendo has done a lot of things right… but online isn’t one of them. ”
    A very, very good quote here.
    Quote of the week ,surly.
    It sums up pretty much everything, to be honest.

    The few hardcore gamers that are here, such as myself, need to deal with its consequences and just try to enjoy the Wii for all the good, fun and innovative things it has brought forth this generation. Try not to dwell on the poor online functionality and third party support, enjoy all the good.

    All the ridiculous , pathetic FanBoys that reside here need to deal with that quotes blatant, honest truth. Nintendo has done great things, online is NOT one of them.

    The fanBoys need to take their head out of Marios A$$ and realize this quote JUST AS MUCH as much as the criticising Hardcore gamers need to take a step back and enjoy all the good the Wii has to offer instead of constantly complaining about the non great aspects.

    “Nintendo has done a lot of things right… but online isn’t one of them”
    A simple quote, yet very true and powerful if you think about it. BOTH sides need to listen to it and lighten up.

  8. waltermh says:

    this is bull. Nintendo has nothing to do with EA adding competent online or any online at all to games. There are so many wii games right now with decent to good online yet somehow EA cant do online on Wii and its nintendos fault?

    EA just has to use their own servers like they do anyway with most games and there should be nothing they cant do.
    They already have experience with Wii online, so how is nintendo holding them back. This kind of blanket statement with no explanation only riles up the trolls like the ones above who are personally unhappy with a few games and latch onto this to make their own blanket statements that hold no merit.
    Nintendos own published games may be up for debate, but nintendo has nothing to do with 3rd party online, as many third party games have gone online so far without issue. Nintendos only policy is that 3rd parties do their own work getting servers up to host the games. Its reasonable and there have also been 3rd parties who say nintendo does support them enough when they need help.

    EA is too big and experienced to be allowed to make such statements. Not even the wii online haters should be able to get behind it if they can just keep their eyes open and take the hate cover off for a few seconds to verify statements.

  9. elmer says:

    @ ejamer

    Nintendo don’t NEED to do anything. What I was saying is that at this point in the industry there genuinely is NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE to Nintendo. Either you make it work with them, or by and large you have a failing business. And EA are BUY N’ LARGE. If EA want online in their games it’s not really actually Nintendo’s problem, and one I hastened to point out, that EA actually solved themselves in any case. Complaining about it publicly really isn’t going to get them or anyone else anywhere. All it may accomplish is to sour a relationship that EA desperately need. And no, online gaming, while fun for some genres to some audiences, is still far from a necessity, and even farther from a consistent profit driver. Just ask Sony. And then ask Microsoft. Sure it’s something we’d like to see, but it’s not something Nintendo have to provide (at this point in its evolution). Free consoles are something else I’d like to see, and once again something Nintendo won’t provide, and something I wouldn’t put past Microsoft.

  10. Jeff says:

    IF EA wants to to torpedo their own Wii games with excuses and finger-pointing, it’s only their profits that will sink.

  11. Lance says:

    Honestly, I think EA is blaming Nintendo for the online issues, not because of Nintendo but because of the fact that not many people, developers and publishers like the idea of friend codes.

    But Nintendo could release an update with Wii Speak at least to let you chat with your friends over the WFC at any time as long as they’re online as well as letting you chat in ‘with anyone’ mode for multiplayer games. But we know Nintendo would never let you smack talk random players around the world that you don’t know.

  12. EdEN says:

    And for the “no DLC on Rock Band because the Wii can’t do it” see: Guitar Hero: World Tour.

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