EA’s Zwerling: Lack of online in MySims Wii “more of a Nintendo issue than on our end”

Electronic Arts charmed Nintendo fans last year with MySims, a cute new Sims spin-off franchise focused on building and construction.

The problem? No online. The reason?

According to EA’s Erik Zwerling, MySims’ lack of online was “more of a Nintendo issue than on our end.”

As we’ve been reporting all week, Infendo visited EA Friday for a look at several upcoming Sims games, including a PC version of MySims.

Showed by Zwerling, the upcoming PC remake makes several notable improvements over the Wii version, including enhanced graphics, more content and the removal of frame rate stuttering. It also has online multiplayer for community minigames and creations, something that would’ve cured the loneliness of the otherwise enjoyable Wii game.

“Nintendo isn’t supporting the developers in that area enough,” said Zwerling. “So doing that isn’t viable at the moment.”

EA has not added online to MySims Kingdom, the upcoming kind-of-a-sequel to MySims scheduled to release on Wii next month. We’ll have an in-depth hands-on preview on Infendo tomorrow.