EA still struggles on Nintendo consoles

Case in point: Tiger Woods will not be coming to Wii this year.

This isn’t the first time EA has discontinued support for Nintendo. In fact, EA has largely had an unproductive relationship with Nintendo since the 16-bit wars, opting instead to work with Sega and the more favorable margin of the Genesis.

At the same time, maybe simulation sports fans are a better fit on other platforms. What do you think? Is the so-so relationship between EA and Nintendo an issue?

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  1. Blaise says:

    This is a blessing. EA is garbage.

    Play Madden recently? The game has not improved since 2005, which not coincidentally is when EA purchased the rights to the NFL players, ending the ESPN 2K series. (2K5 was the best football game of all time). So the Madden developers are lazy and greedy, and simply recycle the same old content every year. And this is me evaluating the Xbox 360 versions. The Wii versions should not even be released.

    Same with their NCAA football games. It’s the same uninspired game, just with college teams and stadiums.

    Thankfully Sega still owns NBA rights, so the 2K Basketball series is still superior.

    EA makes a purchase-worthy hockey game, I’ll give them that. And FIFA is strong.

    Everything else is just lackluster. Tiger Woods runs uncontested if I’m not mistaken, so they’re lucky in that respect. Boxing used to be good (Fight Night?) but I think they gave up on it due to its lack in popularity.

    I’m hoping they don’t screw up the Star Wars games, but even non-sports games have seen better days. The Sims hasn’t been good since the Sims 2, apparently they’re still making Medal of Honor games, but they’re so overshadowed by CoD that I didn’t notice.

    Saints Row 3 didn’t stand a chance as far as coming to the Wii is concerned. I’d say that’s the only thing we may be missing out on. Is that even EA? Or is it just powered by Origin?

  2. David says:

    Boom Blox and Dead Space: Extraction are probably the only good things EA has done on Wii. SSX Tricky wasn’t bad for an early Wii title, but I liked SSX 3 on GameCube better.

    I don’t think they’ve ever put out anything decent for DS.

  3. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    I’m not exactly surprised, and it really doesn’t bug me. Meh.

  4. Derek B. says:

    The Tiger games have been great on Wii. The problem is they’ve also been stagnant. EA has been resting on their laurels for a while when it comes to Wii.

  5. Mike says:

    I quite enjoyed SSX, and I prefer the Motion Plus Tiger Woods control to the PS3 move. Bummer.

  6. Gern says:

    The lack of online player matching (or the cumbersome setup of it) is what hurts EA on the Wii. If you look at the top 20 xbox live titles, EA typically has all of their major sports games in the top 20 list each month. I love Tiger Woods on the Wii and own the 2010 version with support for motion plus and it is great! Boom Blox is awesome too. However, I have no incentive to keep buying newer versions because of lack of online playing and/or such a small install base. One version is good enough. Now Madden on the other hand is great to buy every year on xbox because there are lots of competitors on xbox live.

  7. Artefacto says:

    Because the team is focusing on the Wii U version instead. EA made a huge deal of Wii U support in E3 with Nintendo, so I don’t think this means EA is backing down.

  8. Mohan says:

    Pretty much every 3rd party struggles on “Nintendo boxes”!

  9. Supersonic196 says:

    EA is terrible, I don’t play sports games, but everything else they’ve done on a nintendo console has been garbage. Still, the Wii is nearly out of it’s run, so I can understand why they wouldn’t be releasing anything else on it.

  10. monkat says:


    Anyone else think that it might be that EA put the team working on the Wii version to work on a Wii U version like the one in the promo video?

    I mean, it seems a bit silly to cut support now, after most of the work is done, through using the same assets and engine.

  11. deepthought says:

    its this type of 3rd party support that diminishes my interest in nintendo consoles.

  12. sam says:

    all this means is that they are going to release a wii u version instead. All points actually lead to a very strong relationship with EA and wii U

  13. Noveli says:

    Why issue a new version? Tiger Woods 10 and 11 were both fantastic.

  14. Hyawatta says:

    Nintendo Will have the Definitive Version

    Wii U will have the best version of Tiger Woods in terms of both graphics and gameplay. Even if the Wii U uses the same assets as the PS360 version, it will still run at a higher performance level, and will use the Wii Remote Plus in conjunction with the Wii U Controller to offer the most extensive controls.

  15. frstOne says:

    The thing is so simple. You just need to check out how many version of Mario Kart there are on Wii. And how many of New Super Mario. Nintendo franchises see one version, or two at most, per platform. That’s something EA doesn’t seem to ever understand.

  16. gojiguy says:

    I don’t care… but I also do not like sports sims…

    I much prefer Nintendo sports games like Mario Strikers, etc.

    But for people who do like those games on Ninty platforms it is a shame.

    I just wish EA would publish more quality original IPs on Nintendo systems. The HD twins got games like Mass Effect and Mirrors Edge. Wii owners got… Boogie.

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