GTA on Wii possible for fall 2009, might use San Andreas engine

That’s a headline full of maybe and “might” up there, but since all we’re going on is a wisp of a shadow of a rumor this evening, that’s all it’s entitled to get. Anyway, Grand Theft Auto could be headed to the Wii in fall 2009, and it would use the San Andreas engine (no word on whether or not that means Hot Coffee or what). Says (sprinkled with copious amounts of salt):

After spending a few phone calls, sent a few heads and uttered standard kind of family threats, it would seem that yes, an episode of GTA on Wii is already on track. The game could use the engine GTA San Andreas PS2, given the sauce Wii. Finally, even if at this level, it takes more than Ms. Irma that the true forecast, the game could be announced next spring for an exit at the end of 2009.

Reggie already commented on this, and with the surprise GTA: Chinatown Stories DS announcement at E3, it’s not entirely out of left field. Still, I’d have to see it to believe it.