Nibris’ Sadness is an art book

Call me the cynical video game scientist, because when it comes to game development, I need to see screenshots and live action in-game trailers to believe a game actually exists.

So it is today that I have come to the conclusion that Nibris is not developing a game in Sadness, but an art book. Wii Fanboy has some new “exclusive screenshots artwork” today that, for the first time, has let me down. And this is with the lowered expectations I had as a result of yesterday’s post, so things are getting pretty grim. Like black and white grim.

Why all the hate for Nibris now? I’m not entirely sure. I think I saw the potential, as did everyone else who was Punk’d by the E3 trailer, and really put all my chips behind them. I think I was hoping they would deliver the next great thing — indie developer style — and make the big stuffy publishers take notice that gamers really don’t want FPS IV, or Halo 10, or Murder a Pedestrian 6.0.

But with today’s artwork release, I can only conclude that Nibris has fooled us all with some kind of musical mp3-playing art book. Bad form.