Make believe news – Your take

GameDrift claims that Nintendo has confirmed to them that new Wii colors will be available by the end of the year. While new colors before Holiday Season 2007 might seem likely, I highly doubt that Nintendo has chosen GameDrift to announce this. Especially suspicious is the “anonymous Nintendo rep” part of their story. I doubt that any of Nintendo’s reps are ever of the anonymous variety, unless they’re spilling the beans on something hush-hush. To me, this is make believe news. GameDrift either honestly thinks they talked to some official, but anonymous, representative of Nintendo or they just made up a semi-believable story in order to get some folks to their site. And maybe I just played into their scheme by posting a link to them here on Infendo, but I want to find out what you, my dear Infendonians, have to say on the subject. How do you feel about stories like the one GameDrift posted?