Nintendo snaps up space at the TGS

Get ready for more lines, readers. Nintendo is reportedly buying space at this year’s TGS. It’s not quite what we’d call confirmed just yet, but Kotaku is saying some highly placed sources (“multiple, highly placed insiders confirm that the company will be in attendance” to be precise) at Nintendo have all but came out and said the hottest video game company of the moment is going to have a significant presence at TGS 2007.

The move would mark the first time in 11 years that Nintendo graces the show with its presence. No doubt the change is because Nintendo is currently sitting pretty at the top of mountain. It could also have something to do with the Dragon Quest IX coup that Square Enix pulled with the DS earlier this year too.

From GamePro:

Since 1996, Nintendo has preferred to host its own media events rather than partake in the Tokyo Game Show, so fans may be curious as to why Nintendo has changed its policy for this year. Kotaku speculates that the appearance of Square Enix’s Dragon Quest IX at this year’s show has influenced Nintendo to fully promote its DS version of game. A perennial Japanese favorite and quite possibly the most successful RPG series in the Japanese market, the prospect of hosting Dragon Quest related events was an opportunity that Nintendo could not ignore.

Harumpf. I still think it’s because of mountain.