Nintendo games, direct from iTunes

iPhone and WiiI don’t particularly believe this weekend’s rumor that Nintendo games might soon be sold through Apple’s iTunes media service, but since Infendo hasn’t touched anything iPhone yet I thought I’d have a bit of fun.The rumor is just that — a rumor. Barely. I think I’m posting about it because this week is going to be super slow. The calm before the E3 storm, you could say.

Some site I’ve never heard of and will probably never visit again:

There is a rumor saying that the iPhone will support Nintendo games. They will be available through the iTunes store for $29 each. This rumor is not senseless, as Nintendo today has a large amount of games already working with a touch-screen on the Nintendo DS. Also we know that games will be targeted mostly at older audience so as not to block DS sales.

Both the Wii and the iPhone share a few things: they are both made up of pre-existing technology that’s been reshaped, marketed to a mass audience by geniuses, and have (so far) disrupted the heck out of their respective industries.

So that go me thinking. The iPhone has some Bluetooth capability, and so does the Wii. If some ingenious hacker out there was able to link these two hype machines together, I think the world would simply explode.