Unfounded DS Rumor – Virtual Console and DSware announcement for E3

r4ds225.jpgConsider this sort of a rebuttal to Jake’s post from earlier today. While I don’t believe that Nintendo will announce DS 2 or DS Lite++, I think we’ll see something new for the hottest handheld in the world. I think we’ll see Nintendo bust out a legalized version of the R4 or other such storage device. It’ll allow the DS to reap the same benefits the Wii has for downloading and storing games. The DS will get it’s own WiiWare-like titles as well as downloads of classic Game Boy and GBA games. It might even allow you to use a DS like an MP3 or video player.  This could help lend some truth to the original rumor without needing a whole new DS to accomplish it.

What do you think, will Nintendo try something like this?

[pic from gbatemp.net]