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YouTube Spotlight: Beaten Video Games Playlist

I’m either tooting my own horn here, or demonstrating justĀ  how bad I am at beating video games, but today’s YouTube Spotlight is a playlist of my own making: music from games I’ve beaten. There are 50 tracks on the

Mark your calendars and spread the word: National StreetPass Weekend is Dec. 14-15 in North America

A recent YouTube video published on Nintendo of America’s official channel has revealed details about National StreetPass Weekend, coming December 14th and 15th (a Saturday and Sunday). According to the video, “all the Nintendo Zones in North America will be

How a 3D Zelda fan (me) feels about playing the top-down A Link Between Worlds

I am a Zelda fan for life. I grew up playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the old N64 that belonged to my huge family (8 siblings). Strangely, I can’t remember when I beat the game for

Wii U gets some positive press from TIME Techland

Off-TV play via the Wii U GamePad and backward compatibility with Wii are among Matt Peckham’s 10 reasons to pick up a Wii U over PS4 or Xbox One this holiday season. His opinion article over at TIME Tech is

Back a Kickstarter campaign to fund Festival of Magic for Wii U

Snow Castle Games, a studio based in Oslo, Norway, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their adventure RPG Festival of Magic. According to the project’s home page: Festival of Magic is a throwback to the classic Japanese RPGs of

Bravely Default coming to North America February 7, Collector’s Edition also to appear

We knew that Square Enix’s Nintendo 3DS title Bravely Default would be arriving in North America near the beginning of 2014, and now the game’s official release date has been revealed, along with a snazzy Collector’s Edition. The highly anticipated