Club Nintendo (of America) to add colorful Nintendo 3DS XL charging cradles on Halloween

038-Club Nintendo Colorful 3DS XL Charging Cradles

Although Club Nintendo has offered fans some really awesome stuff in the past, I can’t help but admit that the rewards service has been suffering from a bit of a drought for some time now. The Pikmin 3 tote was a nice addition, but I tend to prefer practical items that work with my hardware, such as the Nintendo DS Lite sleeve from a while ago and the Wii remote holders, which are still available (thankfully).

Point is, I remember a time when scrolling down through the list of Club Nintendo rewards took a lot longer than it does now, both because there were more options and because said options were all compelling and worth taking a closer look at.

So, precisely due to the lack of variety on Club Nintendo, I’ve been optimistic lately that something big will hit the roster of prizes. Though not as “big” as I was hoping, the Nintendo 3DS XL charging cradles that are slated to hit the Club on Halloween day can be nothing but welcome. They will come in the five colors shown above and cost 500 coins apiece. Gamer beware, however: this prize has a limited quantity, so scare one up ASAP if you’re dead set on owning one.

Personally, I intend to redeem some coins for one of these: having owned an original 3DS before swapping for a red XL, I sorely miss the convenience of simply placing the system on its cradle to charge it. Anyone else feel the same way?

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