Bravely Default coming to North America February 7, Collector’s Edition also to appear


We knew that Square Enix’s Nintendo 3DS title Bravely Default would be arriving in North America near the beginning of 2014, and now the game’s official release date has been revealed, along with a snazzy Collector’s Edition. The highly anticipated RPG will be available on February 7, 2014. The Collector’s Edition, available the same day, will include the game, an art book, 34 AR cards, and a soundtrack CD for music lovers (like myself). Nintendo of America finally saw fit to release a trailer for the game that Europe already got (albeit with the updated release info for North America at the end), which you can view above.

The game will feature new mechanics that revolve around defaulting in battle to earn “brave points.” Having a character default in battle causes them to defend against enemy attacks, which accumulates brave points. These can be spent on special moves later on, including unleashing combo attacks and freezing enemies mid-battle to deal extra damage.

Will you be getting the Bravely Default Collector’s Edition or the game by itself? Or will you pass on it altogether? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. I’m excited but now I have to wait again…next year…

  2. Yep, me too! But I must say, this is one of the many times lately that I’m a tad upset with NoA. Europe’s getting this in December, Japan’s had it forever (exaggeration). Why make us wait, huh Nintendo?!

  3. I doubt I’d get the collector’s edition but I am interested in the game. I don’t like the odd release times either, but I plan on getting Zelda and Layton next anyway so I guess I can wait.

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