Weekend Discussion: What did you think of Nintendo’s E3 showing?


Another E3 has come and gone, and we here at Infendo are happy to have shared countless posts on Nintendo’s latest games and projects. Now comes the hard part: waiting for many of the announced or previously announced titles to make their way to our living rooms. Well, that and catching some rest from all the E3 coverage we posted here on Infendo.

Nintendo’s E3 presence has received a bit of praise from various media outlets for their new approach to releasing information to the both E3 attendees and those who couldn’t attend the show. Gamers were introduced to new game announcements via the Nintendo Digital Event and the many Treehouse Live @ E3 streaming videos on YouTube and Twitch, alongside the vastly competitive Super Smash Bros. Invitational event last Tuesday.

We’ve seen new IPs from the Big N and some familiar ones, but we want to know what YOU the readers thought about Nintendo’s big week at E3 2014. Were there any announcements that caught you by surprise or were there some that had you wishing for more? Did Nintendo’s new E3 strategy work, or do you believe a return to the traditional E3 press conference is order next year?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and maybe we’ll discuss them in-depth on the next episode of Infendo Radio.

Have a happy weekend.

12 Responses to Weekend Discussion: What did you think of Nintendo’s E3 showing?

  1. Kaherka says:

    Yeah, they totally rocked this year.

  2. RisnDevil says:

    #NintendoWon @E3

    Nintendo blew Microsoft and Sony out of the water this year. They went into E3 riding the high from Mario Kart 8, and really want to keep it going. From August to the end of the year there will be a stream of big releases (at least one a month) for the Wii U, EVEN IF THIRD PARTIES CONTINUE TO IGNORE IT. (Here’s hoping that the momentum will convince People like Ubisoft to release the games they’re sitting on or Activision to still bring CoD over, too.) and then they are working to really push into next year. And this is to say nothing about the nearly as steady stream of great content coming to 3DS!!

    So, I think the only real question would be: why is anyone sitting out now? (Oh, and sorry, but the two overused and lame excuses of “too expensive” and “GamePad is stupid” just don’t fly anymore.)

    This is turning out to be one of those times that it’s great to be a Nintendo fan!!

  3. Brian says:

    Um… “too expensive” can fly for most of the world. These are hard times for many people.
    For some people a $99 console would be “too expensive.” Otherwise, I agree with most of your comments. I just think we should be careful in society when we come across as taking things for granted like money and the thinking than anyone can afford this or that.

  4. RisnDevil says:

    @Brian – Firstly, I guess I should apologize. I know I am lucky enough to have a job that pays well enough that I can afford all of my living expenses and still have plenty of money for “entertainment.” I never meant to insult or imply anything about/to anyone that doesn’t have that luxury.

    On the other hand, my statement is aimed not at those people, but the people who have the off unspoken qualifier/closer to that statement that it’s too expensive for it’s perceived value. People have no problem saying the PS4 wasn’t too expensive (or more accurately didn’t criticize it for its cost) and the same thing goes for the XBOne now that it has dropped in price, yet they are quick to label the Wii U as too expensive despite being $100 cheaper. THOSE people are the ones I was saying can’t keep using the lame excuse.

    Please forgive any offense or misunderstanding.

  5. tmuggles says:

    It was a really good showing. The claymation stuff was really funny and well done. Reggie and Iwata “brawling” was pretty classic. I’m surprised at how fun Splatoon looked and can’t wait to play. The Zelda clip was beautiful. With the monster’s blasts his the grass and the ground swelled up, I was like, “whoa, that’s a level of detail I’ve never seen before.”

    Nintendo has said it’s up to them to drive their market share and earn back participation from 3rd parties. This E3 was a good start to that.

  6. Lou says:

    @Brian – don’t sweat it, I think @RisnDevil is trying to take a shot at me.

    Just because the Wii U is cheaper than the other two doesn’t mean it’s priced correctly. That would be like me asking you why you don’t drive a Porshe, since lots of cars are more expensive.

    At any rate, even with the nice MK8 bump, the Wii U is still far and away the worst selling console in Nintendo history. MK8 and SSB simply will not be enough.

    Overall I’d say E3 was ok for them. A new Zelda title still over a year away – and with a feminine Link??? – is too long. They just aren’t producing big titles fast enough. Skyward Sword launched late in the Wii life and didn’t sell very well. So in typical Iwata fashion, they’ll duplicate that mistake.

  7. RisnDevil says:

    @Lou – I wasn’t trying to “take a shot” at you, but more trying to lure you into the conversation (haven’t seen you in a while).

    Anyways, you seem to slightly misunderstand my comment. It wasn’t your Porsche analogy, but simply that the idea that it is too expensive for its (perceived) content and value was too high, and I think that this E3 Nintendo went a long way toward proving that wrong. Zelda looks phenomenal. Splatoon looks entertaining in a way only Nintendo can do. Mario Maker looks like pure dream fulfillment. Xenoblade Chronicles X looks TRULY EPIC (in every sense of the word). I know they’re not for everyone, but Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta are really beating my drum. And Devil’s Third is a (kind of) game NO ONE could’ve predicted Nintendo funding/make happen/make exclusive.

    And lastly, as far as Zelda/Iwata making the same mistake with Zelda (by brining it late in the Wii U life): next year is only the halfway point in the Wii U life. It may not be early in the life, but it’s not late either.

  8. Lou says:

    Xenoblade could be a great game, but that’s not going to lure many to the console. Not sure about Hyrule Warriors. Could lure some, but I’m a huge Zelda fan and I’m not spending close to $400 just to play one game.

    Here’s the other thing with the Zelda title – do you really expect it to be out next year? Maybe it will, but think of Nintendo’s recent history of delays. We’re half way through 2014 and there is still no Smash Bros. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be shocked if Zelda were a 2016 title. Like SS, that’s just too late. Plus, SS was kind of underwhelming. I think the number of people excited for new Zelda titles shrinks each year due to how Nintendo has mismanaged their IP.

    A new Star Fox is good, it’s all still just too slow. Metroid fans must be going insane.

  9. essel pratt says:

    hahaha, Harrison, I was going to post a similar article, in weekend discussion format ­čÖé

  10. Harrison M. says:

    Essel – Yeah, we haven’t seen you around these parts for while. ­čśŤ

  11. BornFlunky says:

    Nintendo rocked things considerably. An engaging digital event (Robot Chicken and Reggie vs. Iwata? That caught my attention immediately.), plenty of updates to announced games and a few newer ones (even an interesting new IP!), great floor presence, a rousing tournament, and plenty of teasing from Miyamoto.

    Nintendo was right to the point with all their announcements, didn’t string anyone along, and just continued to show off raw content and their hardware. Definitely a winner for E3, in my book.

    Heck, just shy of 50% of all activity on Twitter about E3 were about Nintendo.

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