Happy 3DS Day!


Nintendo’s newest console is available today! Anyone else get a 3DS yet?


  1. It’s also my birthday! …and I’m getting one as a gift!

  2. Mine has said it is preparing to ship since yesterday morning, but still says expected delivery on the 29th.

  3. I just got mine. :3

  4. it came out here on friday (i’m in germany), it was really hard not to pick one up…there was literally two huge stacks of hundreds of them in the store here…but with my lack of monies (and the lack of good games), i’m holding out on buying one…will probably wait until june for zelda.

  5. got mine on friday ( in england) and it is amazing, better than i thought it would be, beautiful piece of gear as well, money well spent, and i have no games for it and am saying all this!!

    critics being way to harsh on it, the potential here is amazing. the ar and face raider games are genius, and the coins u collect while walking round make me carry it all the time now!.

  6. I got it today, it’s pretty incredible.

  7. i am currently waiting for it to finish charging


  8. Got my 3DS this Wednesday. Yep! In France some stores started to sell the handheld before the date and then GAME sent me a text message to tell me that my 3DS was available. But I still don’t have any games because I’m in the middle of my exams.

    Here’s my 3DS Friend Code: 2621 – 2590 – 5820 and nickname: DA FONK

  9. I’m currently waiting outside my local Gamestop — 9:15 and beautiful weather on the west coast. It doesn’t open ’till 11:00 AM!!! Aaaarrrrgh!

  10. Getting mine today along wth Nintendogs+ Cats and maybe street fighter. . Can’t wait:) Can’t wait for Zelda Ocarina 3D as well. I don’t care if its a port. I WILL buy this gem of a game. It was incredible back in the day and still is today. Best of all, it’ll improved graphics and be in 3D!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Totally amazing the cards are unreal! not something youd play all the time but if you told me 10 yrs ago that dragons could grow out my kitchen table Ive called you crazy Got PilotWings for the fiance but wanted SSF

  12. NYC here. Preordered mine from Amazon. Been checking my order religiously this week. It said that I should expect it on the 29th, but it shipped yesterday with an estimated arrival date of the 28th! A day earlier!

  13. In Afghanistan, but just got off the phone with my wife while she went to the store to pick mine up! Got Samurai Warriors and can’t wait till I get it in MY hands (not hers)!

    ….Only about two more weeks…….

  14. Bought mine, and Ridge Racer 3D at 11 this morning. My FC is 1418-6699-1113

  15. I got mine. Very happy with the purchase. Not trying to start a war here but I do have say its really depends on how the developers use the 3D part on whether it will be hit or miss. It does work way better than I expected things do pop. I only got street fighter thats all the
    funds had but I am very happy with the 3ds.

  16. RisnDevil – Sounds like you’ve got a good wife! Thanks for coming to Infendo and especially thanks for serving your country!!

  17. Just got mine with Pilotwings, Street Fighter & Nintendogs. Nice line had built up outside the Gamestop. They had about a half dozen available for non-pre-orders, which made several people in line behind me very happy!

  18. Got mine Saturday (amazon slightly late UK). awesome piece of kit! Didn’t buy any games but AR + face raiders (FR?) kept me busy for a couple of hours. It really is 3D!!!!

  19. Got mine on Friday – have had guests down this weekend though so haven’t had much chance to play with ti yet. Love my guests obviously but…..you know!

  20. @ El Hajjish
    Happy Birthday!

    @ RisnDevil
    Be well over there and come home safely!

    i’ll be waiting for star fox 64 3d before i decide if i get one…. pretty psyched about that game.

  21. ill get mine tomorrow good to hear the good feedback

  22. Got mine today because I was afraid of a Wii-debut style sellout (I spent 4 months trying to get my Wii), but I didn’t buy any games because I wasn’t thrilled by any of the release titles.

    My eyes watered when I saw the 3D effect. Then they watered again when I realized that the Virtual Handheld store and Internet weren’t available yet. Anyone know when those features will drop?

  23. Robby – Nintendo said May, I think.

  24. GOT MINE TODAY AT 11am. Camera & AR games are getting the most use…picked 2 games Pilotwings Resort & nintendogs + cats…

  25. Got mine this morning, been playing around with non-stop.

  26. got mine and am having some fun

  27. Got my black 3DS with some Street Fighter! I am still trying to get my jaw off the floor! Amazing system. Now I have seen the 3D depth from Looksley’s Line Up (DSiWare) but to see that stuff jumps off the screen is insane. It is so smooth compared to the DSi “3D” with the facial recognition. Totally worth every penny!

  28. Got mine yesterday and didn’t get home until 9:00 in the evening… then I had to wait for it to charge (I only waited about an hour and a half – couldn’t wait for the full charge) and then I played with it plugged into the wall to get the settings done.

    Played some Face Raiders (fun!) and then I had a go at SF IV… tried it in 2d which looked cool and then turned up the 3d and WOW! I was impressed!!

    Best of all… I played it on the bus this morning and with all the bumps and movement, I had no problem staying in the sweet spot while playing. Now… if I was only better at the game! lol I’m sure practice makes perfect and playing in lite mode is a great way for me to enjoy some of the characters…. especially seeing as I have not played SF since 3… lol

  29. Got mine yesterday too. It’s really cool! Unfortunately, I am unable to see this particular kind of 3D at this point in time. I still love it though!

    FC: 4983-4932-3312

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