Nintendo Direct

Infendo Radio 554 – Let us Sync

Hello pretty people and welcome to Infendo Radio! This week we talk about the Nintendo Mini Direct in Change the System. Then we play a mini-game before a special Paper Mario Roundtable discussion!

Infendo Radio 509 – Tingle’s Rosy Rupee Sack

Greeting and welcome to Infendo Radio! On the docket this week, we discuss the latest Nintendo Direct, we play Three Word Reviews hosted by Steve, and we answer your questions from the Question Block!

Infendo Radio 480 – Infendo’s Nintendo Direct!

Welcome to Infendo Radio! This weeks plans were all thrown in the trash after Nintendo announces a surprise Nintendo Direct scheduled mere hours before the live show!

Infendo Radio 460 – Nintendo Online FTW?

This week on Infendo Radio 460, we finally are able to talk about the recently released Nintendo Online service. The delayed Nintendo Direct finally goes live, and we have a ton of details to discuss because of it.

Infendo Radio 459 – Nintendo Direct Chronicles

This week on Infendo Radio 459, we chronicle our Nintendo journeys! This episode is all about this weeks upcoming Nintendo Direct. We speculate on what Nintendo will discuss a week be for the Nintendo Online Service is set to launch!

Infendo Radio 458 – Dragula Lost

Nindies, Nindies, everywhere with the latest Nindie Showcase! Infendo Radio 458 is here, and we aim to please! This week, we talk all about the last Nindie Spotlight, and speculate what will we revealed in the upcoming Nintendo Direct! It’s a new month, and we have a new Patreon tier! Come vote to see who has to play the Atari 2600 game E.T. at the end of the month! Do you love Nintendo podc...

Nintendo Direct Nindies Showcase is all About the Indies

Nintendo just released it's second Indie showcase video in as many weeks, and boy did it deliver. This direct focused mainly on games that would be released throughout the month of September, with a surprise announcement that Into the Breach would be launching latter today.

Chrom Gets Promoted From Final Smash To Full-Blown Character

Chrom finally gets his chance as the newest echo fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Fire Emblem Awakening continues to get representation.

Dark Samus Joins The Fray!

Dark Samus joins Smash following the hype built up from the Metroid Prime 4 announcement in the form of a new echo fighter!

Infendo’s Live Chat Reaction to Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct

Rather than try to coordinate a live recording or reaction video, we decided to open a Discord chat and discuss our reactions that way. Here is a streamlined transcript of what we said. Time stamps are included for reference, just in case you want to watch and read along with us. (Unfortunately, time stamps only appear when a new person talks, or after a significant lapse in the chat, so consider ...

Infendo Radio: Episode 355 – Online Petitions Always Work

Infendo Radio 355 is on now! This week Chris is back to join Justin and Eugene as we discuss the September Nintendo Direct. Pikmin 3DS? Better get your petitions ready. Be sure to get in on the action and send us your own #InfendoTop5! This week we talk about our favorite video game controllers. Tweet us your lists @infendo, or shoot us an email to No petitions needed. Show notes...

Nintendo Direct Incoming, 3DS to be headliner

Never one to give much notice, Nintendo droped a line in the Infendo mailbox yesterday detailing what is sure to be an awesome 3DS themed Nintendo Direct scheduled for Thursday, September 1. On the docket for the direct is sure to be Pokemon Sun and Moon seeing as how the games  release in less than a month. But what else? Maybe we will see some new surprises. Metroid Dread maybe(I’m holding onto ...