Infendo’s Live Chat Reaction to Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct

Infendo’s Live Chat Reaction to Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct

Rather than try to coordinate a live recording or reaction video, we decided to open a Discord chat and discuss our reactions that way. Here is a streamlined transcript of what we said. Time stamps are included for reference, just in case you want to watch and read along with us. (Unfortunately, time stamps only appear when a new person talks, or after a significant lapse in the chat, so consider them relative.)

Now, without further ado…

Welcome to the beginning of the #walu-e3 channel.

Justin-Today at 11:22 AM

Let’s use this to discuss the Direct and maybe some of the Treehouse stuff. Then we can pull text from this and post it as an article later.

Eugene-Today at 11:25 AM

I can’t promise I’ma see any of the direct live haha. It starts right when I’m supposed to be morning meetinging

Justin-Today at 11:37 AM

Guess I’d better give you a spoiler warning, then.

Steve-Today at 11:42 AM

I’m using the direct feed in the public discord actually

Lukas-Today at 11:45 AM

I’m prolly not gonna be able to be here, watch AND work.  But I will be watching

Also, planning on just machine-gunning out a shit ton of articles later today about all the reveals, so if anybody wants to cover one in particular, maybe claim it here and just tag me so I don’t go ahead and write about it first?

Eugene-Today at 11:47 AM


*Start of Direct*

Justin-Today at 12:03 PM

So far, I’m confused.

Also, whatever this anime inspired game is, the characters are inconsistent. Some of them look 3D, and others look cel-shaded.

I figured that was going to be Xenoblade.

Is this Reggie’s house or something? He did the last E3 video here.

Now I have “on the road to viridian city“ stuck in my head.

That settles it. I’m getting a Pokéball Plus.

Oh, look. Another offline Mario Party.

Eugene-Today at 12:08 PM


Justin-Today at 12:10 PM

I’ve still never played a Fire Emblem game.

Steve-Today at 12:10 PM

I played an hour of Awakening.

Eugene-Today at 12:10 PM

My sqweeee was Mario Party related

Justin-Today at 12:11 PM

I should be in the eShop right now, in case something drops during the Direct.

Like Fortnite, apparently.

Steve-Today at 12:12 PM

Yeah. Cause no one saw that coming.

Justin-Today at 12:12 PM

Nothing new in the eShop right now.

Ooh! Carcassonne!


Eugene-Today at 12:20 PM


Justin-Today at 12:20 PM

Interesting. Zelda looks like her A Link Between Worlds version

Eugene-Today at 12:22 PM

Lord almighty

Justin-Today at 12:22 PM

Toon Link AND Young Link? YES!

How did I know “Ultimate” would be the subtitle?

Steve-Today at 12:24 PM

This just became a Day 1

Justin-Today at 12:25 PM

It always was for me.

Eugene-Today at 12:26 PM

This can’t come fast enough.

Steve-Today at 12:26 PM

And this is just the starting roster. We haven’t even talked about DLC yet.

Justin-Today at 12:27 PM

I’m glad the Fire Emblem characters have English voiceovers, but I’m afraid the weeabus will whine if there isn’t a Japanese option.

Can we get chubby Sonic, please?

Steve-Today at 12:28 PM

Ha! Female Pokémon trainer. That’s a nice touch

Eugene-Today at 12:29 PM

I almost wanna stop watching this part

Steve-Today at 12:29 PM


Eugene-Today at 12:29 PM

Just wanna go in fresh

Justin-Today at 12:30 PM

I’m sure there is twice as much they’re not telling us.

Eugene-Today at 12:30 PM

Then there would be twice as much that I would go in not knowing

Steve-Today at 12:30 PM

Lukas is going to be so happy. Young Link AND Ocarina Ganondorf.

Justin-Today at 12:30 PM

I’m happy about that.

I was so tired of the Twilight Princess designs for everyone.

I’m not sure how I feel about some of the Final Smash changes, but we will have to wait and see how they play.

Steve-Today at 12:32 PM

I think it’s just going to speed the game up.

Eugene-Today at 12:33 PM


Steve-Today at 12:34 PM

Damn. I thought they were going t give us a new fighter we didn’t know about.

Justin-Today at 12:35 PM

They only announced one, and she’s a clone of Peach, so whatever.

Nintendog is fuzzy!

Eugene-Today at 12:36 PM

Was Bomberman an assist?

Steve-Today at 12:36 PM

Fake Smash Ball


Eugene-Today at 12:36 PM


Steve-Today at 12:37 PM

I wonder if all the stages are back too?

Justin-Today at 12:37 PM

I LOVE the idea of a Fake Smash Ball!

It looks that way.


Yay! They’re finally nerfing dodges!

I love the first place flash feature.

I am happy amiibo are still being utilized. Hopefully this means we will get new ones.

Steve-Today at 12:41 PM

OMG! Ridley?

Justin-Today at 12:42 PM

Steve-Today at 12:42 PM

Harrison is going to lose his shit.

Eugene-Today at 12:42 PM

XD everyone has wanted this so I’m happy for them XD

Steve-Today at 12:43 PM


Justin-Today at 12:44 PM

I could not care less, so I’m happy for everyone else.

Where is our bingo card?

Did anybody notice whether Sheik is in this one? Zelda is different, so did they eliminate her transformation? Is she a separate character?

*End of Direct*

Sigma-Today at 1:13 PM

Allllllll my love

Sooooooooo much love

Sheik is in this one, but not as a transformation, just like Smash 4

So what did you all think of Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct? Did it meet all your expectations? Did it leave you unfulfilled? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow us all on Twitter for more discussions!

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