Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Many More Switch Games Playable At PAX West

Nintendo just announced that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu, Diablo III and more will be playable at PAX West.

Karate Joe Teased For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Could Karate Joe from the Rhythm Heaven series be the next fighter to join Super Smash Bros Ultimate? This video argues he will.

Chrom Gets Promoted From Final Smash To Full-Blown Character

Chrom finally gets his chance as the newest echo fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Fire Emblem Awakening continues to get representation.

Dark Samus Joins The Fray!

Dark Samus joins Smash following the hype built up from the Metroid Prime 4 announcement in the form of a new echo fighter!

Castlevania Invades Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Castlevania joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate in a big way - Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont join the fight!

Infendo Radio 449 – The Patrons Join the Fray!

While the World Cup is drawing to a close, Infendo Radio will be here to tackle the Nintendo news! This week we welcome our $50 patrons to the show as we talk about Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Waluigi blues, we discuss how the next Splatfest will be all inclusive, and we play a round of Nintentunes! Infendo Radio is a Nintendo podcast that records every Wednesday night at 9:00 EST. Be sure to joi...

Infendo’s Live Chat Reaction to Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct

Rather than try to coordinate a live recording or reaction video, we decided to open a Discord chat and discuss our reactions that way. Here is a streamlined transcript of what we said. Time stamps are included for reference, just in case you want to watch and read along with us. (Unfortunately, time stamps only appear when a new person talks, or after a significant lapse in the chat, so consider ...