Karate Joe Teased For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Karate Joe Smash Ultimate

Out of all the series that have made the cut so far in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there’s one franchise that’s been clambering for attention since Smash on the WiiU; Rhythm Heaven fans first got a taste of hope when The Chorus Kids were teased in a now defunct rumour before the release of Smash 4. Now these fans have a reason to get excited again… possibly. Could Karate Joe be making his grand debut in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? One Youtuber seems to have made a connection that just might be hinting at a future reveal.

Next to Chorus Kids, Karate Joe is one of the most likely contenders for Rhythm Heaven Smash representation. instantly recognizable and already sporting his fighting gear, he would definitely make a quirky, albeit totally believable addition to the roster.

Donkey Kong Karate Joe Smash
Donkey Kong Karate Joe Smash

Youtuber Teh CornerThief made the discovery that the pose Donkey Kong sits in at the start of the King K. Rool trailer during the latest Nintendo Direct looks distinctly like the pose Karate Joe makes during Rhythm Heaven Fever. Even the TV looks the same. You can watch his full video here.

Normally, this would just get added to the conspiracy theory pile like Chorus Kids, but Super Smash Bros has a history of leaving little hints and teases prior to a big reveal. If so, Karate Joe might get the next reveal trailer – we’ll just have to stay tuned to see.

Are you hoping to see Karate Joe join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster? Are you a Rhythm Heaven junkie who can’t wait to see your favourite series get some representation? Are you ready for a news week that isn’t all about Smash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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