Karate Joe Teased For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Could Karate Joe from the Rhythm Heaven series be the next fighter to join Super Smash Bros Ultimate? This video argues he will.

Aonuma: Yes, that was indeed Link in the Zelda Wii U teaser

Earlier this week, famed Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma stirred up a bit of debate on whether or not Link was the hero shown in the short Zelda Wii U teaser. When asked about Link’s appearance, Aonuma stated, “No one explicitly said that that was Link.”  Many who took the comment at face value began to question if the person shown in the trailer was possibly a new protagonist or even a female Li...

Namco Bandai: All Star Battle Teaser Site

Namco Bandai has published a teaser site for a new title called All Star Battle.  At first I assumed that this was Playstation’s All-Stars Battle Royale, however Namco Bandai is not the publisher.  The site teases us with a few obscure “real life” pictures, and simply states “3 Days” as though we will find out details on Thursday.    Many sites seem to think it will b...

Nintendo Teases Us With Vague Announcement

Sometimes an announcement is made that tells us absolutely nothing, yet it gets more coverage than the confirmed release of a new game.  These “teaser” stories seem to happen when something big is about to happen, although I sometimes wonder if they are released to get candid feedback from gamers about what they want to see. Nintendo Power contains one such teaser in the latest edition...

It has begun….

…at least for myself now that I have my press pass. Now to get into things that I’m not supposed to…for you dear readers of course. Be sure to stick with Infendo throughout the week to get your up to the minute Nintendo news!