Mark your calendars and spread the word: National StreetPass Weekend is Dec. 14-15 in North America


A recent YouTube video published on Nintendo of America’s official channel has revealed details about National StreetPass Weekend, coming December 14th and 15th (a Saturday and Sunday). According to the video, “all the Nintendo Zones in North America will be put together and mixed around” on those days. Meaning that passing by any Nintendo Zone location will give you StreetPass tags from all over the U.S. If memory serves me, each Nintendo Zone saves StreetPass info on up to six players who last connected there. If nothing else, it’ll be an awesome way to fill up the StreetPass region map for those who don’t get a lot of StreetPass tags.

In addition to visiting Nintendo Zone locations, Nintendo is encouraging 3DS users to take their systems to “crowded places” throughout the holiday season.

So tell your friends and see how many StreetPass tags you can rack up during National StreetPass Weekend and beyond.

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  1. Streetpass is another answer to another question no one asked.

  2. @Stuart I don’t know if that’s supposed to be an insult to Nintendo, but it’s one of the reasons I love the company! I know I didn’t ask for holiday music to play in the Wii U eShop or for the residents of my Wara Wara Plaza to celebrate my birthday, but they’re nice little surprises from Nintendo (and just two examples among many).

    And maybe you haven’t used StreetPass like I have, because I have literally made friends through the service, which is nice when you live in a small town where gaming buddies are not exactly easy to come by.

  3. I love StreetPass, but even though it does seem to be picking up recently, it still isn’t nearly as popular as the system itself. A lot of people I know with a 3DS just don’t care about it. I thought it would be more popular, but so far tags are just too sporadic. The zones have helped.

  4. im going to get sick of McDonalds and Starbucks this weekend

  5. @Tyler Count yourself lucky if you have a few Nintendo Zones close by! I have to travel an hour to one of two closest: an hour north or an hour east. Going to both in one weekend would be illogical. 😉

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