Nintendo’s subtle E3 2010 megaton

I’m biased, of course, but Nintendo just “won” E3 with a relatively simple, games-focused keynote and in the process severely gimped poor Sony, which has to follow that oozing-with-game announcements presentation in a few minutes. Hands-down.

Seriously, look at every tab on this page. Then look at the 3DS launch lineup. Staggering stuff. Almost un-Nintendo, if we go by last year’s E3 performance.

Mechanical elephants? Fake family rooms stuffed with canned quotes and cookie cutter actors faking their way through a Star Wars demo? Nintendo needs not these things. Everything after Reggie’s loaded “technology is only the tool, it’s game play matters” (paraphrased) quote was pure, pure gravy.

I stand by my 2009 prediction, and add a caveat: Nintendo will have its biggest year ever in 2010—and 2011 will be even bigger.

This Nintendo megaton snuck up on me. As I watched, things like the buggy Zelda demo kind of took me out of it, before the 3DS brought me back in. In hindsight, this was most certainly a megaton E3 for Nintendo. One of their best showings since the Wii reveal in 2006. Remember those lines? Well good, because they’re happening again.