Wii U gets some positive press from TIME Techland

Off-TV play via the Wii U GamePad and backward compatibility with Wii are among Matt Peckham’s 10 reasons to pick up a Wii U over PS4 or Xbox One this holiday season. His opinion article over at TIME Tech is one of seemingly few that shed a positive light on the Wii U:

“The Wii U doesn’t have quite as many run-out-and-buy games as we kick off its second year, but its best and brightest in 2013 make the competition’s next-gen roster look a little like the bullets Hugo Weaving fires at Keanu Reeves during the Matrix‘s denouement. That, and the system’s 2014 lineup isn’t messing around, with exclusives I wouldn’t miss for a game console 10 times as powerful. This is why, if I had to choose between the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One today, no question about it…

I’d pick the Wii U.”

It’s rather refreshing after the doom and gloom predictions that have been assaulting the Wii U since only a few months after its release. Even so, Peckham is careful to point out the system’s faults to show that it’s far from perfect. Check out the article here and let us know what you think.

22 Responses to Wii U gets some positive press from TIME Techland

  1. Cactusjaq says:

    I bought a Wii U a few weeks ago and I’m really happy with my decision. Played PS4 at my buddies house and was not impressed. Get a Wii U now! 🙂

  2. BornFlunky says:

    Well, hopefully this holds up until the holiday. As it stands right now, neither new console really has any worthwhile games — even worse than the Wii U’s case of the launch blues, in the PS4’s case — unless you’re into cars or zombies. Granted, there’s probably quite a few people who are, but I need a more diverse library. Wii U’s got that.

  3. Dave says:

    Why am I remembering the tortoise and the hare story? Maybe it’s just me…

  4. Mattiac says:

    Dave-san: Good thinking! 😀

  5. Lou says:

    Chris Kohler says what I’ve been saying for a while – kill the gamepad.


  6. Holly says:

    @Lou Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that article, it’s very excellent! I really do hate to admit this, but you and Kohler are absolutely right: the Wii U GamePad hasn’t been nearly as revolutionary as it needed to be. I wouldn’t say no to using it to play Smash Bros., but I’ll most definitely be skipping it for the Pro controller.

    But I also think the comparison of the Wii U to the 3DS is relevant: the 3DS is booming because it has the games. Now that I’ve owned both systems for a while, I’ve found I’m more likely to play my 3DS, where I’ve not only got the new Zelda game, but Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem to play. Super Mario 3D World is great, but Kohler also has a point when he mentions all the Mario games Nintendo has been dishing out. I truly am getting tired of the New series. My siblings and I probably enjoyed NSMBU for a week and have barely touched it since.

    But I, like Kohler, am optimistic about the Wii U and Nintendo in general. Even though the GamePad is becoming irrelevant, Nintendo still knows how to make a fun video game, and that’s why I’m sticking around.

  7. Mike says:

    I don’t think they need to remove the gamepad. Instead, they need to leverage it. The gamepad truly is what makes this system next gen compared to 360/PS3 and is even a strong differentiator from PS4/Bone. They need to aggressively market off TV play. They’ve simply not done so and the gamepad is what makes that possible. Even sony recognized they missed something big here and has pushed their remote play with Vita, something you’d have to spend close to $8000 to achieve with PS4. Wii-U does it out of the box. I use it all the time. It’s truly the game changer that Wii-U needs. They just need to get the word out. However, in this same vein, I’d love to see MS release and Xbox One with no Kinect for $349. Imagine how killer that would sell.

  8. Holly says:

    @Mike Good points, to be sure. And I think it would be great if Nintendo would advertise off-TV play more.

    However, I have personally become somehwhat disenchanted with off-TV play. Even though I live with three younger siblings, I get plenty of TV time to play Wii U. It’s nice to have the option of playing Rayman Legends and so forth while my brother is watching a basketball game, but I find I’d rather save Wii U games for when I have the TV to myself and instead play 3DS games when I don’t.

    Virtual console games are a different story, though: since they’re not the prettiest or best-sounding games to play, GamePad or TV, it doesn’t matter much, so that’s nice. And obviously not everyone owns a Wii U and a 3DS, so I can definitely see the value in Nintendo promoting off-TV play.

  9. Lou says:

    Mike – the system has been out for a year and is still not selling. Plus, they’re losing money on each unit sold. You simply can’t keep moving forward with the same product. It has to change.

    Even Nintendo is not using the gamepad much. The only game that has generated any interest for this console yet is the new Mario game. Every review mentions that gamepad use is minimal. So what’s the point? Kill it.

    Why do we even need off-tv play? That’s what the DS family is for. It’s like they market against themselves.

  10. Gordon says:

    Off-TV play is what iPads and 3DSs are for; it’s a nice feature on the Wii U, but not a major selling point.

    The gamepad is fun for the party games (especially that one where one player hides from the wiimoters), but it’s largely become irrelevant because there is only one gamepad per system. It could be implemented with sports games (football) or other games where players want to hide their strategy, but only if each player had equal access. It doesn’t look like Nintendo even sells extra gamepads. Even if they do, the cost would be prohibitive.

    That said, the gamepad seems to be the only thing going for the Wii U with the exception of proprietary games; which just goes back to Nintendo developing software for other systems…

  11. Lord Lemmy says:

    I posted about this in the forums on November 25th. 😛

  12. Lord Lemmy says:

    Anyway: my two cents. Off TV play… yeah, no, that doesn’t NEED to be advertised more. What NEEDS to happen is more games that make GREAT use of the gamepad (Like Zombi U and Nintendoland) we need more of those games, or else the gamepad is ultimately useless. It HAS potential, but no one’s talking about that. We need a Mario Party that uses the gamepad as a major, integral part of the experience. We need a Metroid game that makes use of it as a scanner/sight for the arm cannon. We need games that creatively and successfully utilize the game pad. It’s possible. We’ve already gotten tastes of it through other games… But that’s just it: tastes. I mean, they could have used it so much better and creatively in SM3DW than they actually did. I LOVE the gamepad, because of its potential, but it just isn’t being utilized.

  13. BornFlunky says:


    Okay, again, wait until the holidays for major sales. That is the deciding factor, especially now that Nintendo’s advertising has picked up, and they have a large amount of awesome games for the Wii U, with others within reach. 4 million isn’t “nothing.”

    They’re losing money on the unit sales by themselves, but make a profit if a person purchases one or more games. Since people buy gaming consoles to play games on them, one can assume that games are selling, and therefore, the Wii U is ultimately profiting with each individual unit sold. The losses at the moment are from the slow traction.

    The Gamepad is, again, still good and incredibly useful. Namely, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Need for Speed, and ZombiU showcase this very well. And the Off-TV functionality is an incredibly nice bonus, I’ve gotten a lot of value out it from games and videos alike. They’re not going to get rid of it, and they really shouldn’t.

  14. Lou says:

    You’re going to have to give details explaining how many games they need to sell to turn a profit. It’s a hell of a lot more than one I can say that much.

    And I’ll give my feedback again on Rayman Legends and the gamepad – my daughter tried the demo for about two minutes, laughed and proclaimed it “stupid”, and then went to the PS3 demo for the first time ever.

    The integration made no sense. We have Rayman Origins on the Wii and loved it. The Legends demo did more to make us not want the Wii U than the opposite.

  15. Gordan says:

    Games are incredibly expensive to make. You need to sell a bunch to break even. Even more to make a profit and offset console losses.

  16. Mike says:

    I’m, pretty sure they said they turn a profit if they sell one game. If you’re playing Ray Man on any other console, you’re doing it wrong. It really is that simple. Off TV play is huge. It’s a key differentiating factor that Nintendo is crazy not to be making a big deal of. Yes, they need more good games, because duh. But not marketing one of the key features of your system that the others can’t just imitate with better graphics is a no brainer from a guy who does a lot of marketing. I was surprised at Target tonight to see three Xbox Ones on the shelf and not a single Wii-U.

  17. BornFlunky says:


    Here you go.


    So, no. It’s not more than one.

    And having owned Rayman Legends in its entirety — and having tried the XB360 and PC versions — I think I can say it’s the superior version. No surprise, really, considering it was developed as an exclusive. Though the AI partners suck, I’ve got people to play the game with, thankfully. Having one person control Murphy in such a manner is honestly quite refreshing.

  18. Ted Strom says:

    Nintendo games are less expensive to produce, than say a Battlefield or COD game. Still, they’re expensive. You have to pay off the game development costs before you can start talking about paying off the console loss. Im not sure how they’re doing it with such low sales.

    EA probably has to sell a million copies of Battlefield before they break even.

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