Video: Microsoft Employee Tries To Persuade Gamers At Best Buy Wii U Event


We have all heard the rumors that Microsoft sent employees out to the Wii U Best Buy event to persuade the gamers towards the Xbox One.  However, until now, video of the party crash was rather elusive.  However, thanks to YouTuber shiggy diggy, we have some proof.  Now, the video is not the best quality, so you might need to turn up your sound.  However, the man wearing a Microsoft Polo and a backpack is definitely attempting to bust some myths about the Xbox One.


Now, I realize that there is a small chance that this video could have been a set up, but it does seems legit.  My only reservation about it is the Microsoft Employee’s cocky attitude and sarcastic smirk.  If I were Microsoft, I would have this man retrained for his lack of professionalism.  Obviously, he was placed into a very uncomfortable position, and we are also seeing a small glimpse of the interaction, however as a Street Team member, he should be prepared for this type of interaction.  Now, I am not saying that it is right for Microsoft to send a street team to a competing company’s event, but I am saying that the people sent should show a bit more professionalism and respect.  If I were Best Buy, I would have had this man removed from the store for soliciting.

Sadly, I was not able to attend on of the Wii U/E3/Best Buy events.  Did any of you that attended meet up with someone similar?




when I first saw this video and wrote up the article, I was looking at it through a supervisor’s point of view. To me, I was not just looking at the smile, but also the body language, his attire, etc… When I say “attire”, I mean his backpack. I would imagine that there is some sort of material within that would relate to his reason for being there. My guess is that he was forbidden to hand it out unless asked by someone, however he did not even offer. Instead, he laughed, and waved, the question off. This made him appear cocky, and he did not even offer to continue the discussion.

Obviously, he was uncomfortable. This was a Nintendo event, and he was essentially on enemy grounds. Looking back at it now, I am reevaluating my stance and saying that he was not trying to be cocky, but was just uncomfortable. However, we only saw just under a minute of the interaction.

Still, In some of my past positions in Management, we did use street teams to help us sell product. In fact, I managed five cellular stores and we had a booth at a local fairgrounds where a street team was essential to get word out about us being there. We expected our street team to be very professional, since they represented us. It was understood that someone with a competing cellular company would ridicule the team member. That is just what happens in the industry. However, the street team member would open the dialogue and find out why the person liked their current carrier. Let the customer gloat. Then, when all the information was gained, the team member could provide information as to why we could be a better match. I remember that we actually gained a very large number of customers there at the fair because we were honest, and actually listened. We did not simply say we were better and move on.

So, I think this guy was nervous, but he should go through some additional training to prepare him for the expected ridicule. However, I still stand by that Microsoft was out of line for having a presence there in the first place.

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