What if Pokemon Red and Blue were…

Pokemon Red Blue 3D

…a 3D game?

Thoughts Infendo?

9 Responses to What if Pokemon Red and Blue were…

  1. CZsWorld says:

    What Pokemon Black and White should have been.

  2. EdEN says:

    Let’s skip the 3D what if… what will happen to Pokemon once it hits the 3DS two years from now?

  3. frab says:

    Maybe whoever made 3D dot heroes will make this, just not under the name pokemon.

  4. llaffer says:

    When I first saw screenshots from 3D Dot Heroes, I laffed. If you’ve not played Persona4 (also from Atlas), you wouldn’t have known that there’s a dungeon in the game that’s got an 8-bit style look to it, while still maintaining the 3D look of the rest of the game. The boss of that level looks exactly like one of the characters from 3DDH: http://img.youtube.com/vi/53aH-BcbLM4/0.jpg

    And what’s funny, someone made him out of legos: http://lwelyk-legos.blogspot.com/2008/12/mitsuo-heropersona-4.html

  5. Rene says:

    What if… Pokemon was an MMO?

    You can keep you 3D, I’ll take MMO any day.

    2D FTW.

  6. N64 Games FTW says:

    Random idea, what if that would be fricken awesome….

  7. Altik_0 says:

    That’s cool, I guess – but what if… Pokemon port to Minecraft? 😉

  8. Shawder 3:16 says:

    I love this :PPPPP

  9. MrNiggaDickShart says:

    Im pretty Hawt

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