If everyone asks nicely, Asura’s Wrath could come to Wii U

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEIIPI2hX5U [/youtube]
Doesn’t the retro Capcom chime just feel, right? Asura’s Wrath, an upcoming game from CyberConnect2 and Capcom, was first shown at Tokyo Game show and announced as a new title for the Xbox 360 and Playstion 3. Now Capcom has gone on record saying they would be willing to bring the game to the Wii U console, if enough people voiced their opinions on the companies forums and Facebook page. Sounds like a challenge to me. 

More  third party games on Nintendo platforms is always a good thing, so as long as this fighter controls well and has interesting characters, I say bring it on. If you  have even the slightest interest for this game, it is your duty as a Nintendo fanboy (or fanman) to let Capcom know that you would be interested in their upcoming title. If anything, it looks to have an interesting fighting mechanic that will “change according to the story,” or so says the game’s producer Kasuhiro Tsuyachiya.

Head past the break to check out another trailer and some cool art from the game and decide for yourself if you wish to support the cause.

[thanks for the tip Ramon!]
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