Wii U Basic Sets To Be Recalled From GameStop Stores After E3

650xAccording to a source over at Kotaku, GameStop will be sending all of their Wii U basic sets back to Nintendo on June 18th.  Their source, someone that seems to work within GameStop received the following email at work:

“Nintendo Wii U Basic Recall – Two Week Preparation On Tuesday, 6/18, all stories will need to return all new/unopened Wii U Basic (020359). .. Stores that have 10 or more in stock will receive shipping cartons from the [distribution center]. .. All other stores will need to save shipping cartons for this recall.”

Kotaku reached out to Nintendo and received the following response:

“We do not comment on our business practices with retailers.”

So, what does this mean exactly?  Well, we don’t know for sure, but it could mean one of a couple things.  First, it could mean that due to the projected high retail pricing of the Xbox One and PS4 (projected at just under $400), the $349 price tag on the deluxe model (assuming there is no price cut) would fair well against the newer consoles.  Or two, maybe they will be introducing a new package which will be announced at E3.  I am more apt to believe the later option.  I honestly cannot see Nintendo dropping the basic model, especially upon the imminent launch of the competition’s models.  Maybe the recall will allow for a game to be pre-packaged within the box.  Maybe include a Wii Mote Motion Plus.  Maybe…well, I could keep guessing all day.

Regardless of what might be going on, I think the timing is pretty telling.  The recall takes place after E3, so I am sure Nintendo has something up their sleeves.  What do you think it could be?


*Nintendo UK has stated that they will NOT be pulling the basic model from their shelves.

*It has also not been confirmed whether this decision was made my Nintendo directly, or North American GameStop Stores.

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