Back a Kickstarter campaign to fund Festival of Magic for Wii U

Snow Castle Games, a studio based in Oslo, Norway, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their adventure RPG Festival of Magic. According to the project’s home page:

Festival of Magic is a throwback to the classic Japanese RPGs of yore, but puts a spin on the formula by fusing harvesting with turn-based combat.

In the game you join Amon, a desert scavenger, and his reluctant companion Gnart, as they unravel the ancient mysteries of Umbra – a world that has stopped spinning and is now divided by the forces of technology and magic.

The game combines turn-based combat and farming gameplay with exploration and puzzle-packed quests. Grow spuds, tend barnacles and use your harvest as powerful ammunition and spells; load your weapons, team up your companions and get ready for a grand adventure!

The developers have reached 10% of their initial $250,000 goal for the project, which is well on its way for the December 21 deadline. They will publish the fully funded game on Wii U, along with PC/Max/Linux, and hopefully on to the Xbox One and PS4.

If the above footage is any indication, this can’t be anything but good for the Wii U library. Will you be backing the project?

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