New Super Mario 3D World trailer has a distinctly jazzy feel…and lots of new gameplay


Today’s Nintendo Direct opened with perhaps the most extensive look at Super Mario 3D World to date. It showed off equal amounts of the game’s character and gameplay, with a jazzy tune playing throughout and a look at power-ups galore. To name a few, the game will feature the cat suit we’ve already seen, the return of Super Mario 3D Land’s boomerang suit, a cherry that splits Mario into multiple Marios, numerous held items like a baseball and a piranha plant pot, and other items either ridden by Mario or worn on his head. It’s going to be quite the compilation of power-ups and items.

Thankfully, many moments in the trailer indicate that Super Mario 3D World isn’t just going to be a generic sequel to Super Mario 3D Land. The music playing in the background of the trailer and moments like Bowser driving up in a purple car adorned with spikes demonstrate the theme the game is clearly going for.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch this excellent trailer and let us know what you’re the most excited for in the comments below!

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