Hope to see you tonight, racers!

The time has come to revive the ol’ Infendo Mario Kart 7 Community! I was able to make it to the past two community nights, and what I saw I didn’t like.  Of course, a big thanks to those of you who did make it, but I want to see more groups of 6-8 racers. Also, I wanted to add a little something this week to see how it goes: a late shift. Can’t make it at 7:00 PM US-Eastern time? Then join in at 9:00 PM US-Eastern time!

About Infendo’s Official Mario Kart 7 Community

One online feature Mario Kart 7 introduced the series to is the community function. Racers can easily join specific communities through the use of community codes. Additionally, players can browse popular communities to find ones that suit their play style or skill level.

Infendo has an official Mario Kart 7 community. Enter the code below to join us on the track. Community nights are held every Saturday evening at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM US-Eastern time. See you there!

Community Code: 20-1691-6700-3942

8 Responses to Hope to see you tonight, racers!

  1. Hrothgarfunkel says:

    Ham Dragon time !

  2. Âlvärö says:

    I won’t be able to join today 🙁
    …again here’s my Friend Code people. Add me and post yours 🙂
    2535 3935 9678

  3. Supersonic196 says:

    Ham Dragon, I love the way that you DIDN’T cheat on maka wuhu. I almost had an enjoyable online experience there :3

  4. Hrothgarfunkel says:

    I have never once, cheated on Make Wuhu! If people want to cheat and beat me on that track, fine, its just a few VR points. They don’t really mean anything anyway!

    I was suprised by the folks online tonight who kept picking it again and again to cheat. I expected better of the folks that followed this site! I had to drop out of a group or two because of it.

    Is supersonic your online name? I will keep an eye out for you next time I’m online racing.

  5. WII-LUIGI$ says:

    For Maka Wuhu with the Infendo community, I wouldn’t bother to think of cheating. That’s how respectful I am when playing with everyone here.Anyone who dares to say that I have once before on that stage within this community, then go ahead and I will happily show you I don’t by racing you on that track and playing it fair. Also, good games out ther to Ham Dragon, Holly and everyone else for last night.

  6. Lord Lemmy says:

    Sorry I couldn’t race last night, guys, I was in Big Bear for the weekend, and there wasn’t any wifi there. Really wish I could have raced!

  7. Kaherka says:

    I raced at 9:00 (using the name Frozog… which I didn’t realize until right now is also a Pokemon name). But you guys are way too good for me.

  8. Âlvärö says:

    No Friend codes? Anyone?
    Infendo Staff? Echo-echo-cho-o?

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