Mystery online Wii game will ditch Friend Codes

The latest IGN Nintendo Voice Cast podcast, by way of Joystiq, is reporting that a “major” online Wii title will arrive soon without the much-maligned Friend Codes restricting its online play.

Which one? No idea. But it’s “major.” Related to this, I seem to remember an EA title (was it Madden? I don’t recall) in 2008 circumventing the Friend Code system, so this wouldn’t be a first. It would be a “second,” and a welcome one at that for those of you who find it tedious entering all those numbers for each of your friends every time you buy a new online Wii game.

How did this unknown developer do it? They simply figured out a way to go around the restrictive online safety system and went with it. And by the way, it’s not The Conduit.