Nintendo Switch

Infendo Review: Anker Portable Charger for Nintendo Switch

The Anker Portable Charger is the first Infendo Review I've written in a while. Let's face it. For me, I don't like writing bad reviews, and there are plenty of bad products out there. I guess I just feel bad throwing companies under the bus for their merchandise. Which is ironic, given my personality. The Anker Portable Charger for Nintendo Switch was an item I stumbled across on Amazon while loo...

New Pokemon Let’s Go Trailer Shows Off Mega Evolution, Team Rocket

The latest trailer for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go eevee shows off Mega Evolution, amoung other things.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Playable Through Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online launches next month, and Super Mario Bros 3 will be playable through the new streaming service.

Chrom Gets Promoted From Final Smash To Full-Blown Character

Chrom finally gets his chance as the newest echo fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Fire Emblem Awakening continues to get representation.

SNK Heroines Newest Fighter Is… A Guy?

SNK Heroines has been teasing us with new characters, but this newest one was quite unexpected. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury joins the fray!

Infendo Radio 451 – Attack of the Cake Troll

Thank you for joining us for this week's show! This week, we talk about Virtual Boy emulation, Pokémon GO forward compatibility, and Eugene hosts Nintentunes!

Minecraft DLC Dangers

So, the easy way to remember this? Did you buy it with dollars or minecoins? Dollars are console specific, minecoins work wherever you are signed in. Keep in mind, the Mario Mash-Up pack and skins are still console exclusive, so you can not use them in Realms or non Switch only play.

Infendo Radio 450 – Infendo Is Coming Home

Infendo Radio is a Nintendo podcast that records every Wednesday night at 9:00 EST. Be sure to join us live, and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! If you love video game podcasts, you can subscribe to the produced show on iTunes and Google Play!

Minecraft Realms: The Feature I Didn’t Know I Needed

Minecraft on Nintendo Switch got a major update this last week. And with my strange history with Minecraft, it is no surprise I am ecstatic. It received the 1.5.0 update to the Bedrock Codebase, which was the second half of the Update Aquatic. With it, came new mobs such as Turtles and Drowned (Sorry Phantoms, you are part of 1.6, not Update Aquatic). But with it, came one feature I either glossed...

Infendo Radio 449 – The Patrons Join the Fray!

While the World Cup is drawing to a close, Infendo Radio will be here to tackle the Nintendo news! This week we welcome our $50 patrons to the show as we talk about Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Waluigi blues, we discuss how the next Splatfest will be all inclusive, and we play a round of Nintentunes! Infendo Radio is a Nintendo podcast that records every Wednesday night at 9:00 EST. Be sure to joi...

Minecraft And Me: A Story

For everyone that follows Infendo Radio, you all know I absolutely love Minecraft. On Nintendo consoles alone, I have put 25 hours into Bedrock, 145 into Nintendo Switch Edition, 15 into Wii U edition, and 1 solid hour in New 3DS Edition. That’s also not counting what I have put into Minecraft: PS4 Edition, PS3 Edition, and PS Vita Edition. That’s a lot of Minecraft. But, there is one ...

The Nintendo Switch UI sucks. Here’s how to fix it.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing little system with one glaring problem: The Nintendo Switch UI is awful. Let's make it better, shall we?