Nintendo 2010 first party calendar: Too packed?

Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Legend of Zelda. Metroid Other M. What do these three titles have in common?

See what it was like to develop Metroid Prime, with an inside look at Retro Studios

Miyamoto the inventor of the visor system? That’s what Retro says. Pretty cool little vid, care of IGN.

New Game Get gets too many games!

This is actually a pretty amazing week for a Summer release date.  Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is awesome. Metroid Prime Trilogy is guaranteed awesome. Super Empire Strikes Back is virtually awesome.  And Cursed Mountain at the very least has an awesome title.  Check on in for more new games and DLC for Rock Band & Guitar Hero.

Unboxing: Infendo unclothes Metroid Prime Trilogy

For $50, The Metroid Prime Trilogy arrives Aug 24  in a metal “collectors” tin, with all three Prime games (two GameCube, one Wii) pressed to a singled disc and presented in “refined 16:9 widescreen.” Here’s what you can expect to find inside the box.

Retro Studios talks Metroid Prime developement

A cool little documentary from the Nintendo channel on the Metroid Prime series. Anyone else pumped for the upcoming release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy?

Nintendo Quote of the Week – July 15th

“Planet Zebes… I called this place home once, in peaceful times, long before evil haunted the caverns below. Now I shall finally tell the tale of my first battle here… My so-called Zero Mission.” (Samus Aran) -Metroid: Zero Mission Now where did I set my cartridge?

Next Metroid may be poorly named, but its full of story, cinematics, and “sophisticated action”

What can Metroid fans expect from the upcoming (and whimpy named) Other M for Wii? Wired interviewed Samus creator Yoshio Sakamoto to get some answers.

Fan made Metroid 2 remake looks awesome

DoctorM64 says there weren’t a lot of Gameboy’s in Argentina back in the 90’s, but it seems that hasen’t stopped him from remaking one of the console’s greats on the PC.  It looks great – so great I wish we could see it as a WiiWare release.  Hint-hint, Nintendo? [Another Metroid 2 Remake]

Nintendo Spotting: Hand Crafted Samus Figure

The figure is hand crafted from scratch and sculpted in Castilene. Which was then molded in Smooth-On silicone rubber then cased in Smooth-On resin. Hand painted with Tamiya Acrylics and featuers 25 Points-of-Articulation. This is an amazing reproduction of the bounty huntress, Samus Aran, if I do say so myself. [Via Red3183 Deviant Art]

Metroid: Other MSo did anyone realize this?

In the trailer for Metroid: Other M, this commander asks “Samus” if there was “Any objections, lady?”. The only person in the entire Metroid series to even refer to Samus as a Lady was Adam Malkovich. Who is apparently dead in the Metroid Fusion timeline, so we know this game is going to be before that one. In the trailer it suggests that their is another Samus, but accordi...

Nintendo, Team Ninja collaborate on Metroid

Nintendo brought out the big guns for today’s E3 press conference, and no one on the company’s roster has a bigger gun than Samus. Bringing Nintendo’s presentation to a dramatic close and prompting enthusiastic applause from the audience, Reggie Fils-Aime announced his company is collaborating with Tecmo’s famed development studio Team Ninja on an all-new Metroid game for W...

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